Vision 22 April 2012

April 29, 2012

VISION ~ 22 APRIL 2012

Below is a being that I saw Saturday morning as I awoke:

The ‘tentacles’ are like sensors or antennae, that can extend from or recede into the back of the neck… The skin was more green than gray… I only saw from shoulders up, but there was a uniform and perhaps a helmet collar ring…

After the awareness of this face faded, I began to see what appeared to be sort of like a Purkinje effect, but in a network and rainbow colors… It was like very active circuitry. The being told me that some modifications were being made to my neurology. It was not unpleasant, hardly noticeable.

Later, it was explained to me that this is Merhea Cahdeh, who communicates, via Adca Mupea, through the Ghost Radar on my iPhone. There is more info on this at; we’ve been having these conversations since Sept 2011. This is how I became interested in inner earth, cabal, disclosure, UFOs/OVNIs, etc.