dream 14 november 2012

December 2, 2012

Dream 14 November 2012

Can only remember snapshots, of one scene, with a person, a male friend. It’s someone I was working with or for… it’s peer-based. There are televisions, countertops, rooms, and there is some kind of maintenance to be done. Time passing… people coming and going…

Then, and ending or transition into another phase of working. More structured, like capsules of time and space, perceived as classrooms. [imagine] My friend is about to leave, and perhaps come back…

Descending into a new manifestation [Christmas]… a classroom or business… mission… It’s like a flea-market mall, with different rooms, different booths…  He’s leaving me with equipment, instructions, supplies… I’m going to have to purchase something, participate, like a  “normal person”… Except, before he’s gone, there’s also something about a children’s classroom, small chairs and tables… I look at my wallet at some point, and I think I only have deposit slips and receipts, no money, maybe 2 or 3 dollars… [dull floor] He hands me a tub or basket, a container of items… some of which are sort of square tube-shaped boxes [largest noise] holding files… Like test tubes that are plugged, or like pens, something holding liquid. But they are marked with currencies… [carried] $1, $3, $5, $6… Lira… some of them are in Lira. I laugh, wondering how I’m going to use those.

I take it, and when I look at my wallet again, there are now bills. The “tubes” have turned into bills, or have expressed or manifested into bills. There are matching currencies in my wallet, and I know that I’ve got just enough money, not extra… Just enough.

(It comes to me, right now as I’m talking, that I remember a conversation with a friend, about why we only have “just enough” [therefore], and it has to do with [pressure twenty rocket]how much energy to put into this sphere, this realm [exact combination exciting range],… It has to do with conserving energy, “karma”…

Anyway, I think my friend that leaves, disappears, and it feels like I’m left in charge of something; it’s my job now, to take care of it. As I turn around is when I realize I’m in this sort of flea-market-like place, and I’m sort of shopping… Is there anything that I really need to buy?

There’s a related scene, at a different “time”, that happens with this same friend, or someone similar (this also feels like it’s been triggered, by another conversation with another friend, last night on the phone, in which it felt like my body was trying to go to sleep rather than engage in the conversation). Anyway, in this segment, I’m interacting with a male friend in a colleague/co-worker-type role. Those words don’t really work; it’s as if we’re working on a  project together, we have a connection, something to do together. An assignment or a job. And something comes up about a lover being in the sphere that we’re working in. The expectation of having a lover as being part of our role to fill…. And we sort of look at each other and shrug, as if to say, “Well, I guess this means ‘us’…” It was kind of funny… just a very clear understanding that there were roles to be played, and there was no attachment… I think this has to do with shifting dimensions down, so I think it might tie into how we move from the higher dimensions to this one… what the role is to be played.

I’m not sure of the purpose… Somehow, perhaps to disguise, perhaps to help others. Or maybe it’s just boredom, something to do.

It seems like there was another scene, but I can’t remember it right now.