Dream 20 April 2013

April 20, 2013

In a house, others are there… I’ve recently moved in. Arranging large white cylindrical candle-looking things… First, together in rows along a table… then, move them to window sills. Conversation with a man: I feel like I’m not “doing” enough. He tells me to draw. There was also something about tending a garden…

End of dream.

Could not hold onto much about this dream. For the past several weeks, my awareness of dreams and recalling having been dreaming have increased. However, most of the memories seem unremarkable in themselves. I write down what I can remember in words, and their value seems to be mostly in noticing trends.

The current trend seems to be about shared living conditions, community. I see this as relating both to my wishes as well as pointing towards an essential aspect of our world as we move forward.

I woke up feeling an urge to draw, to finish the piece about I’wah, and also wondering, what is the best use of my time? Coming from the viewoint of asking “have I produced anything?”, it seems not much… Coming from the view of gaining deeper understanding and more completely integrating the “different” pieces that have appeared in my life… there I see progress.


Dream 2 April 2013

April 2, 2013

Dreams faded immediately again… Falling asleep, tried Namkhai Norbu’s method if eyes open… Not sure if I kept awareness… Will have to re-read his Dream Yoga book and see if I see things more clearly, or more. So far these techniques seem like they’re for someone else…

Also tried some whiskey @ bed, to see if that had any particular effect… Can’t discern any. Am I simply trying too hard, wishing for some sort of result when none is needed right now?