dream 7 december 2012

December 7, 2012

Dream 7 December 2012

9:00 am; [Ghost Radar words appear in brackets]

(Ghost Radar was running while I was asleep; these words began at 7:42 am: [shape play Pennsylvania reader chemical myself stems pressure difficulty are bring cat route native bit value related adventure open realize amount surface out record final east getting change person skill careful end writing flow (awake now) pleasure enjoy song tribe building equipment medicine Billy event two]

I’m in “Abiquor”, understanding that “Abiquor” is an archetype/model/template of a place that is available for manifestation, at any “physical” location.

Some friends and I are there, preparing for a next wave of manifestation, by discussing and visualizing – and creating – parts of what “will be”. In some ways it feels like a “nromal” place. Rooms appear to have floors, ceilings and walls, for instance. However, everyone there understands implicitly that what arises is what we choose to arise.

Also, when I use the word “friends” to describe the people I’m interacting with, I’ll explain further. The place is quiet and there are only a handful of people moving about there. As I encounter “others”, some of them look familiar from the “waking” world I’m in as I write. Other appear spontaneously, and I instantly understand their names, relationships, personalities, intentions, wishes and desires… and I automatically feel a warm loving kinship and affection for them.

So a few of us are moving through the spaces, preparing for others to arrive. It’s as if I’ve arrived at a location waiting for a [fall] huge, happy reunion, vacation [event], gathering… and our friends and family will arrive very soon.

At once point I’m in a series of rooms that seem like a spa: rooms for massage, soaking in hot tubs, eating healthy food, gathering in common [none] areas… the spaces all feel light and bright, and deeply, resiliently, pervasively… peaceful.

I sweep some crumbs off a white table cloth, looking around a room to see that it’s spotless and welcoming…

When I enter a common area, I see two friends. One is a middle-aged man in a business suit (but very relaxed, and smiling), and the other is a beautiful young woman who looks like she could be a professional model. They are laughing softly and chatting [hill]. The young woman is in a thick bath robe, having just soaked in the hot spring water. As I walk by, they laugh affectionately, and the man (named “Dan”) announces [two] that they’ve decided that in their next lifetime, he’s going to come back as a lesbian, so they can be together that way.

I laugh with them, because somehow, part of the joke they’re sharing is the irony that there they stand “now”, fully able to enjoy one another’s company… They just want to try something different next time. I chuckle and say teasingly, “Well, at least you’ll find Emma where there are hot tubs, because she’ll alwaysbe soaking, no matter what!” We all laugh, and I continue my role of checking out the various rooms.

There are other bits of the dream where I’m in other places, meeting with people and looking at “equipment”. It all appears as if it’s physical, but there’s somehow an understanding that it’s also dreamlike, and things may shift at whim: slightly or dramatically.

[average curious youth]


dream 2 december 2012

December 3, 2012

Dream 2 December 2012

Another dream about classrooms and small children, although I’ve forgotten most of it.

I’m in a town, traveling in a car-like vehicle [wagon], and I arrived [sail] at what appears to be a large house [musical] where several families live together.

I park on the street, approach the [go] side door, and enter. It is very familiar. It seems like summer, or a very temperate season or time, and there is soft daylight.

It’s very wonderful to see everyone there.

It seems like there were several cycles of this dream, and each cycle was a variation on the others. The main theme was simply to arrive at a place of teaching [either], and proceed to work with the beings there [don’t] at that place. [believed mysterious]

I’m being told that there was a perceived “threat” involved… [George (Umbro)] It was important – to some – to exercise some caution for security [shoe (the ship Tulya)] and secrecy, to avoid detection. However, part of my job was to explain how, as long as we stayed within certain parameters, we were perfectly safe and free [book major].