dream 30 november 2012

December 3, 2012

Dream 30 November 2012

In a place of gathering, with many types of spaces [shall second wasn’t simple dirty soldier our pay]. It’s quite busy, as is [sea] holiday time [cook]. Lots of people bustling. I go from room to room, like classrooms or workshop rooms… men & women very busy. A local business owner I know is there… Lots of clothes, in rooms, on racks… At some point I find myself in  some sort of back laundry room, with long racks like at a dry cleaners’, and I am looking for something to wear. In particular I want a wonderfully cuddly handknit sweater that I remember from years ago. Also seem to be hotel rooms… Pieces from all my “jobs”. I find the sweater, and also skirts, etc., that I like. Interacting with a couple women in particular. Feels okay, temporal, if hectic.


dream 28 november 2012

December 3, 2012

Dream 28 November 2012

Dreams; from waking 8:30 am

I’m one of several teachers/leaders in a kindergarten-like setting. Younger children, 3-6 years old, perhaps, in a very open and fluid environment. It’s a quite flexible place, but there are a few people who seem intent on exercising control. It seems like there was a lot of shifting, from role to role and pod to pod and group to group… Frequent change. At one point I’m working with a little boy, kneeling near the floor, crafting something with beads. I accidentally drop some small beads, pink and yellow iridescent, and they roll across the floor… Before I can go get them, they fall into cracks between boards, and I exclaim “S**T!”.

I look up, and the kid is non-plussed, but the adults (other teachers) are shocked. Immediately some action is taken (I think much of that happens telepathically), and I understand I’ll be removed from the teaching position. Something feels strange and harsh about it. (Incidentally, I remember as a teenager, promising myself I would NEVER use the word “s**t”… It seemed particularly offensive to me…)

I’m a little irritated by one man’s position in particular, but sort of accept and move on.

However, as I walk away, I pass by a huge picture window looking out over a meadow and into some woods.

Setting night-time lighting (again), or interior somewhere… feels like this (Pagosa) area. Parallel place, perhaps. Anyway, I see several deer and bears walking away from us, across the meadow and into the trees. I call out to one of the kids (my son? A little boy…) to look… AS we watch, more animals move through the scene, then, in the shadows to the left, we see a HUGE black bear, ambling along with some smaller ones… This bear was a different species or race, because he also had quite long shaggy hair… He’s (?) remarkable… As I watch the animals enter the forest, I awaken.

dream 27 november 2012

December 3, 2012

Dream 27 November 2012

[half] Dream this morning [butter chief]… Babajij.

[weigh dish climate move position]

I’m in a place that feels like a house: large, beautiful, comfortable… There is a party going on, and it’s sort of like a tsog party: Enlightened friends and loved ones. We are celebrating our meeting and coming together. Many of us have been working for some time, and progress is finally being made, so we are gathering for some time of relaxation and enjoyment.

These are all beings and people whom I know from parallel worlds and lives, all converging for a moment of connection, recognition and understanding.

I am standing in a kitchen-like room, chatting with some women and men I admire greatly… Very festive, holiday feeling. There are appearances of food and drink, but these are truly appearances which trigger joy, sensations & stimuli that bring pleasure… just for amusement.

(How did we ever develop the impression that we need to sustain “physical” bodies? Especially in these ways?)

I’m about to go out onto a lawn… the light is like that of a brightly-lit starry full-moon night, or dusk/dawn… As I’m nearly outside, a woman points out to me, “Oh, did you know that Babajij is here?” I’m delighted and turn to go back “inside” to find him, as she explains that he’s there sitting with some other men at a counter.

I see him, and I’m so delighted! He’s lovely, just as I expected, in a wonderful shirt patterned with hand-drawn flowers. Mostly a white/linen color, with soft colors on some of the flowers. His nose is slightly different than in the photos he’s sent me, but it’s clearly him We chat for a moment.

As we’re talking/exchanging, a woman approaches him and offers him a gift of a marionette/puppet/statue. It’s about 16” tall, and beautifully crafted of precious materials. It’s mostly metals, enamels, and stones, and depicts a human-like being, with some dragon-like characteristics. (“Dragon” has been a recurring theme for me lately…)

Next, a man approaches, also offering Babajij a gift of a puppet-like figure. This one is made of wood and fabric-like materials, and has a softer, more Celtic feel to it, like a fairy or an angel. The dragon being seems “male”, and this one “female”.

These gifts are in recognition of his efforts, to reward/acknowledge/encourage him.

AS I stand beside him, looking at these beautiful figures, I’m reminded of the meanings for the name “Leslee Hare” that I received from the Kabalarians last night. I feel a bit of sadness… wishing to be done with this “assignment” on Earth…

I wander outside onto the lawn, and the setting transforms into a park with boulevards and urban buildings nearby. Reminds me of the river parks I was seeing online in my research of Salem, Oregon last night. Still feels like night-time light. It also still feels like a festival and picnic, and it seems there are fireworks or some similar displays in the sky (I “hear” that the Chinese developed fireworks to remind themselves of the Arian light spectacles from home…).

I see Babajij and 3 other men lying on a blanket on the grass, watching the dome (I understand we’re in Inner Earth), and I see there’s more room, so I want to go lie down beside him so we can chat some more and I can be near him some more before we part. As I approach the quilt, a dis-embodied (but animated, living) head appears [paint] on the blanket next to Babajij [available poetry]. It’s a tanned, bald head of a man, someone we know, and it’s somehow related to the ex-GOP leader (head?) who I saw an article about yesterday [pure instance] who exposed the manipulation going on about early voting.

I hesitate, and wonder whether to lie down with the head between B and me, or to move the head over so I can be right next to Babajij. (This is on B’s right)

Before I act, a man comes through the area, announcing that the party is over, and it’s time for us to return to our places.

I remember that I arrived with 6 friends, and I’m supposed to return with them, but I’ve lost contact and can’t find them. People start to leave, and I realize I have nowhere to go, really, no way to get back with my friends. I have my keys, but they are just to the house in Pagosa. Then they transform into a cell phone (flip phone), but I realize I don’t know who to call or what number to dial. People are disappearing rapidly, and I feel my 6 friends have already left without me… No, they’re waiting, but we can’t reach one another. I become more and more frustrated, and a little scared, as I see that my “reality” is beginning to transform more and more into an urban 3D setting, with retail shops, huge shopping centers, carry-out Chinese food shops, stairs and large buildings. Hectic and anonymous and cold.

There are many people bustling around, but no one to understand or help me. Discouraged and disappointed, I enter a large building, drawn to the Chinese carry-out place with the bright golden light, red and green neon… It is in a circular glass cylinder stairwell… I enter, begin to descend the stairs, and am aware that the “dream” is ending now, and my consciousness will fade and I will awaken in my bed.

(As I’m writing, I realize that the glass cylinder was much like the one Robert L saw and entered into to go to the base in the Himalayas. This all synchronizes with the PDF of “Alien Interview” that I received this morning, about Matilda MacElroy’s story. I see that pieces are coming together – please let’s being them together more quickly, very quickly… So much of what I have seen and not wanted to share or repeat, is now ripening. So much needs to be revealed soon… So much will. I’m seeing more clearly what I need to do with the blogs. I’m requesting the time and energy to do these things.

dream 26 november 2012

December 3, 2012

Dream 26 November 2012

[manufacturing poet return noise whispered]

Given this dream to remember somewhat. [dot]

Arising out of dream of administering, guiding, leading many teams; overseeing departures of vehicles. I’ve been at this job a very long time (why was stasis necessary for Agnès?)… (Ah, also search for the name “Agnès”… I was asked to search for the meaning of my name, and meditate upon it, earlier today…)

Understanding the vehicles represent “ships”…  The imagery used is deliberately “earth-like”, in order to keep me grounded here. It’s very easy for me to leave, so grounding in this body is needed. The dream ends with images of changing babies’ diapers [inside], cleaning [I’ll] up messes, washing up, filling & draining sinks. Awoke with understanding that this is given to me to examine: “Name “Leslee/Leslie/Lesley”… “From the Gray Fortress”… Celtic/Scot/Irish

dream 25 november 2012

December 3, 2012

Dream 25 November 2012

Trying to remember – sense of moving amongst & between very deep chambers or rooms… Analogous to deep levels of consciousness… Transforming, moving energy… flows into images of spectrums I was working on last night… Others were around, but we were working parallel rather than on the same task at the same time.

[Mark thin surface mountain next trace temperature]

Others I saw working around me were Mikos, Konstantinos [sure], Lisa [desk], Tauno, Chetan, Rhonda and Babajij [slowly]. Many others were working in areas that felt more “exterior”. I’m told the entire Athabantian Crew was involved, including many crew members on Earth whom we haven’t “met” yet. [inch] Troy and the rest of the Tulya Crew were holding the “center” of Gaia; The Aurora Crew were working, along with other crews, to hold the “surface”, and many ship and beings within Gaia’s “cloak” were screening our work from most outside observers.

Most of us continue this work on a sub-conscious level even when we are “awake”.


(Fortune cookie fortune tonight: You are a very bright individual”)

dream 22 november 2012

December 3, 2012

Dream 22 November 2012 (Thanksgiving)

Had difficulty awakening from this dream; dream within a dream…

[offer] Was asleep in a small apartment [pile], off a corridor in a multi-story building. I had been dreaming about meeting my family in Inner Earth and working with them, but my ex-husband pulled me over into the other dream, so it manifested as my awakening into it [these].

[put hearing studying]

In Telos, perhaps? [born] [town road wish] I was helping arrange things for a gathering [expression] [coffee], so I was moving through ballrooms and meeting rooms [forget] with dingy burgundy [rather] (reminds me of faded Buddhist robes) drapes [native] [chamber], setting and checking thermostats [customs]. Not sure it was Telos… it felt quite dark and unpleasant. Perhaps we were working here on the surface.

The place that my ex-husband woke me into was no better… [population] Also felt dingy & poor [wooden] & having [Mark] a vibe of want or lacking. [scared worker instead] I did not want to wake up there. [hurry face] The apartment felt like a mobile home, quite cramped and unsubstantial… At one point we (my ex, my son and I ?) were in an empty room, looking out the window, and [studied]I realized the panel [tin] below the window did not actually have the air conditioning unit in it… it was just a grille, and hollow wall, and a flap of plastic. A bug flew in… I felt deceived about the quality of the place, and thought of landlords.

I went into the kitchenette, also small and hardly manageable, was preparing something in a pot… My ex came in… still somehow trying to wake me… I asked what time it was, and he said around 10 (which was also the time here in Pagosa, where this body was dreaming, when I awoke)… We were due at a meeting with people our son would be living with at his new apartment.

Something was quite troubling about the dream. I didn’t want to be in it, could sense there was some “spirit interference”.

It took me some time to locate and ground back into this body – felt split between several places. Didn’t want to leave whatever it was that I was doing on the deepest level.

dream 18 november 2012

December 3, 2012

Dream 18 November 2012

I’m sitting in a pod/room, that feels like a water drop, among mountains and trees.

There is a work surface and chairs. (It was clear to me that during the dream, these “objects” had very aetherial [principal] qualities, but as I arose from the dream, my mind translated them into more commonly recognized object [live])… [add track] glass, translucency… There was a male companion, taller, larger than me… Another friend/colleague with human form although I know him to be otherwise… reminds me of Dan Aykroyd… working together on a module… vertical box/component, with many slots… different sizes [also]. Plugging memory cards into the slots… Lots of [subject] heat generated by main slot… [May poor] Going to other locations… All feel open and light. Some secrecy or invisibility… all like bubbles… all in natural environment.

Working to make sure things are attuned…

(There is more, than I cannot remember clearly at all, about meals, people, interactions, shifting dimensions…)

dream 10 november 202

December 2, 2012

Dream 10 November 2012

I’m in a residential neighborhood, going block to block… a bus, with a companion… female… Anna? Sorting through things, changing, variables and variations…

(Notes from waking: Watching the process of shifting from one world to another… the role of speech, to concretize… It defines and  limits… use of words pulls the mind… Releasing the inclination towards wanting to “know”, as if the more knowledge we have, the wiser we are.)

dream 9 november 2012

December 2, 2012

Dream 9 November 2012

Woke from a dream that [cook] was a series of scenes.

As I was awakening [tell adult manufacturing] I understood [Japan[ that this was a lesson in [care] how our astral travel memories are “abfounded” (see footnote below; to remove the basis of something.). I lay consciously aware of more and more parts [damage] of the [dust] dream fading… It went from perfectly “reasonable” and “sensible”, to visual gibberish. I knew [hardly] it made sense… [nine]but the longer I lay there, the more meaningless and nonsensical it became. For instance, all I can remember now [due] is that I was standing at the end of what looked like a swingset, pulling on a guywire while talking with a [force] man [military immediately] in a tux and tails. [loss] All [oxygen][magnet] I can tell about [image] the conversation [could] [basic] was that [save] it had to do with [announced] the amount of tension [swim] in the wire, and [therefore] that it was very important. [especially introduced log] [change]. I will be told more later about what “really” happened.

Footnote: “abfounded: [return] a word developed from the roots [I’ll] “ab-“ and “found’ [finally seeing].From [truck breath] http://www.etymonline.com:

ab-: [path]” word-forming element meaning “away, from, from off, down;” from L. ab-, ab “off, away from,” from PIE root *apo- (see apo-). Reduced to a- before -m-, -p-, or -v-; sometimes abs- before -c- or -t-.”

found : [had] (verb 1) “ ’establish,’ late 13c., from O.Fr. founder (12c., Mod.Fr. fonder), from L. fundare “to lay the bottom or foundation of something,” from fundus “bottom, foundation” (see fund (n.)). Related: Founded; founding. Phrase founding fathers with reference to the creators of the American republic is attested from 1916.”

found : [whose] (verb 2) “ ‘cast metal,’ late 14c., “to mix, mingle,” from M.Fr. fondre “pour out, melt, mix together,” from O.Fr. fondre, from L. fundere”melt, cast, pour out,” from PIE *gheud- (cf. Goth. giutan, Ger. gießen, O.E. geotan “to pour”), from root *gheu- “to pour” (cf. Gk.khein “to pour,” khoane “funnel,” khymos “juice”). Meaning “to cast metal” is from 1560s.

dream 8 november 2012

December 2, 2012

Dream 8 November 2012

I’m in a place that feels like Pagosa… Mountains, rugged… Town is rustic, but also has refinement to detail that indicates great care and attention.

I’m traveling between different buildings and interacting with different people… It is a small ton or community, a piece of a place like Abiquor. Trees and rocks are prominent.

There also seem to be classrooms, and there is also an interaction… parking a vehicle at a stadium for a large event or gathering. It’s a huge facility, parking under the bowl of the stadium, but it’s not unpleasantly crowded or rushed. I have two vehicles, or tow “cars” to my vehicle, similar to a bu. [fox] It has wheels, but is powered by pure energy. I park and check with the attendant to make sure all is well with the vehicle location. We adjust, and everyone gets out and goes to the event. [accept]

These are teachings I’ve already had [eight], so it’s more important that I go with the attendant [including] to another meeting.

We find ourselves in a place that has smaller rooms, and there are many people there as well, who have naturally gravitated into clusters having conversations (2,3,4 ppl…). The attendant asks me to help a doctor with a being who is very ill. He is very ancient, and was wounded during a collapse of a building or craft. He has been attacked because of his race. He is what we’d call “insectoid”… He was the being I saw yesterday when I was up on Reservoir Hill meditating.

Leslee's dear friend Romlen

Leslee’s dear friend Romlen

I could “feel” him, and recognized him… Although we did not have a direct telepathic connection in the manner of exchange of words, I could sense and knew his condition. He was very ancient, very sad and tired, yet accepting. He was ready to die. He was in great pain. The front plate covering his mouth was sprained and bent, and his right eye [breathing] was damaged beyond help. It and the surrounding tissues had gone black [troops] and dull and withered. His skull was also bruised [activity usually] in two places on the left. We all knew there was not much more we could do for him [oldest], and we understood that. I was sad because I knew I would miss him.

In another scene [Dick], nearby, I’m working with two large white cast iron enamel bath-tubs, that we had fitted with piping and were soaking/cleaning something in. It was a contraption that involved soaking, pipes, and some sort of very simple motors. I think it had to do with cleaning. I was demonstrating it to some younger people… It was a new device and we were trying to improve it. [differ] There was something rattling and shaking, and the vibrations from one tank were transmitting to the other… We were pleased with this and the general progress, and were laughing happily.

Nearby was a large rack of some kind, that was for displays or access, and this was somehow related to the tubs. It was an improved mechanism/device, but seemed to be coming together nicely.

I also met a younger man, [teach] appearing to be in his 30’s, who invited me to come with him. As I followed him, [laid] I now realize this was taking [fear] place in Inner Earth. I know this [dozen[ because of the “lighting”… It is dark, but I also sense there is something quite solid, very high overhead. We’re in a vast cavern. I follow him along a street in the town, and we walk up a hill, among rocks, to his house. He and his friends and family are just finishing its construction. We go in through a side door. His wife greets me, then excuses herself to go see to their infant son in the next room.

I stand for a moment in this first, beautiful room.

It is like a huge empty cube; no furniture, just intensely beautiful wood paneling. It’s a soft evergreen wood, cut into smooth planks, stained a lovely chestnut brown color, with streaks of sapwood shining through. It gleams with a softly shiny finish. I wasn’t to just stay there [article]

[any ourselves president]

I give myself a little lecture, catching myself wishing it were mine, feeling I would never be able to live in a place so wonderful. I try to release the emotions, and just enjoy the beauty and peace of the room.

(As I’m writing, I’m realizing that these are aspects of Athos and Ariadnei, ad their son. As I was holding the pendulum just now, my fingers began twitching wildly [action]… tingling energy of “yes”… All other fingers tingling as if [said] going to sleep… And they were [lay] inviting me, welcoming me, to live there with them…)

I follow “Adam” [element] (that’s the young man’s name) into the kitchen and other rooms, and the dream fades. I awaken from leaving their house. I understand that whatever happens, I will have a place to go [satellites].