22 August 2010


A sort-of dream: my brother (recent antagonist) calling me on the phone. Static, harsh-sounding connection. All he says is, “We need to talk. Get everyone else in the house off the line.”
Then I think the dream was stopped.


Felt like spirit interference. Trying to stop me (discouragement). Felt a little of that last night, when I was having some doubts about money. Heruka told me to get back into the Vortex – quickly – and stop worrying about “your little money”. LOL. I thought it was funny to have a mind of doubt arise just as I was settling into my new home.


Dream 22 August 2010

August 22, 2010

22 August 2010 ~ 9 am


O’Carr’s Deli, but they only do catering now. Returning after being away for years. Getting on the elevator with someone who works there, young woman. Elevator used to only go to 1 & 2, now goes to 3, 4, & 5/roof. We agree that’s much better, especially from a safety/fire-fighting pint of view.

Also, a corridor outside studios, like an architectural design studio. It’s either a school or a free-lance studio, because each person is responsible/independent for their own gear/stuff. Huge canvas roll-off bins, people are tossing their refuse in. A huge red canvas & brown leather bag catches my eye. First, its size: it makes almost a 5-foot cube! But it’s also made like expensive luggage & is monogrammed… Susan someone and her husband. It is crammed full of large, boxy objects. For a moment, I consider taking the bag, although I have no idea how/why I would use it.


(I think the elevator at O’Carr’s has to do with getting access and protection with the Dharmakaya… O’Carr’s was the first place I worked where I really enjoyed interacting with people, waiting tables, making sandwiches…)

Dream 20 August 2010

August 20, 2010

20 August 2010 ~ 6:30 am


Walking with my son along the lane, eventually railroad tracks, and come upon a huge old 60’s-modern train station and platform. Seems they expected a city to sprout up around it, but there is nothing else around, except for an extremely tall engine-less line of boxcars parked a couple tracks away from the platform, which completely blocks the view of the English-looking landscape/countryside that’s surrounding the station.

But the station is very cool – long low concrete building with angled archways, blue tile insets, and a brushed pattern on the concrete that looks like scallops of sound/light/energy waves. Very beautiful, solid, tactile… peaceful-feeling.

(from Buddha Heruka: Everything is made up of energy)

The platform is very long, and as we walk along, each bay looks a little more cared-for, and used or occupied. Initially there were areas where the tile was popping off the wall, but an area down at the very end of the platform has transformed into an office, open to the platform, but set up with a desk, etc.

(from BH:: This is your office and room – the station/platform represents how you will get where you need to go. Right now it’s blocked by others’ plans which have been abandoned. Don’t worry, they are not your plans, and We are working now to get the cars moved.)

I know the desk belongs to a woman, a young professional, and that it’s being used currently because there are post-it notes and a computer there. We turn (my son is still with me) and now there is her bedroom off to the right.

(BH: The bedroom represents your personal
life; the office is your professional life. Notice there is no wall between them; they are different but not separate.)

I say to my son this would be a good time to get organized, so I pull out my shopping bag full of books and clothes, lay the contents out on the woman’s bed, and begin re-packing. There is a book that I make sure is at the top, easily accessible: “The Beach-Comber’s Guide to Investing”, by two personal friends of mine.

The scene shifts, my son is no longer with me, and I’m sitting in a lecture hall with my bag of books. The lecture is on making good business decisions. I’m sort of hiding in the audience, just wanting to observe. A person sitting nearby notices the book and asks about it, and I tell them, “Oh yeah, that’s by my good friends X.” The person I’m talking to is fascinated, so I tell her about my consulting business and how I helped them write the book. This woman gets very excited and wants to help me promote my business, wants me to speak at a symposium or function. I sense she’s a little too flaky or excited, but I kind of roll along with her.

The scene shifts again. Now the woman has brought me to a room (still with book bag) that looks like a cross between a café and a hospital break room. The floor is steeply sloped (slippery slope), so it’s kind of hard to find a comfortable spot. All the tables and chairs near the windows looking out on the courtyard and are taken by people busily talking, so I just sit on the floor. The woman tries to announce to others that I’m there and she wants to promote me, doesn’t someone want to learn more and hire me, etc. But no one seems to notice her. She gets kind of frustrated because no one’s listening, and asks me if I won’t stand up and talk to them. I decline, so she gets frustrated with me.

I understand that there’s no point in talking to people with whom there’s no connection.

(BH: Don’t always disregard groups – you will know when the energy is there.)

Finally I get up and walk over to the serving counter and order a delicious-looking gooey cinnamon roll, and start chatting with the lady serving me. She mentions that she’s sorry no one paid attention. I shrug and tell her, “No point in talking to people who don’t want to listen; You never know… don’t let it discourage you, because it just means that person is not ready. On the other hand, the most random of meetings can lead to the most powerful connections.” The server got so excited to hear this, because she recognized it, and we made a really great connection. With that, the dream ends.


Dream 19 August 2010

August 19, 2010

19 August 2010 ~ 3:30 am


Working on channeling with others; compartmentalizing food into ziplocks so things don’t get messy around the reader. People cooperating and helping… Children interfering with the process… nothing going wrong. No one knowing what to do, and nothing going wrong.


Dream 18 August 2010

August 18, 2010

18 August 2010 ~ 7:30 am ~ Birmingham, AL

(from Buddha Heruka: Pendulum keeps conscious mind busy – attention – so the unconscious can go get info. Is a spiritual quality. Can be used for evil or good. People with bad intentions will not gain access.)


I’m in a place that feels like a campus or priory, with other people; looking to see if I can find an appropriate pendulum. I go inside a large stone cathedral/church and find a room just off the vestibule, a corner room with many windows. In the room is a large wooden table with a large house of cards having been constructed on it. Also on the table is a collections of stones & items that might be used as a pendulum. I sit down at the table, gather up the objects in my left palm, look at them for a moment and realize none of them are appropriate.

I leave that room somehow and then immediately find myself in an architecture studio, talking to an Asian man. He’s asking my advice on a project. I am standing there talking to him while I am completely naked and completely comfortable. But I realize it makes him uncomfortable, so I reach out to right and a bathrobe appears – lightweight whote terry cloth with blue trim.

After that, I find myself walking along the lane and I’m aware that is what I’m doing (the lane between lifetimes). I approach an old European-feeling downtown (Amsterdam?). I feel very peaceful, understand I have work to do there. While I’m walking around the town I meet several very attractive young men, and enjoy mutual attraction and simple non-sexual affection. I realize that I can’t choose one over the other as a partner because I enjoy and love them all and need to be free to move around and flow.

At some point I get on a tour bus which drives around the city looking for houses… for me. The objective is for me to look at many and see what I like. On the one hand I see a townhouse tucked down in a hollow, and I really like its intimacy. But they begin showing me larger, more exposed free-standing houses… bigger and bigger, until finally we pass by a huge rectangular building that is stone, 2-3 stories tall, and seems at least a block long, room/window after room… I’m a bit astounded, because I understand on a subconscious level that this is what’s “needed”, but my conscious mind is fighting it, thinking something on that scale can’t possibly be appropriate, and how could I possibly enjoy living in such a large place?

But i understand that those thoughts are faulty, and present obstacles. The house looks very much like an Italian villa, and the tour guide explains that the man who lives there built it all himself. In the beginning, he didn’t know what he was doing, so it was kind of pieced together randomly. But as he continued he got better and better at it so that towards the back it’s quite gorgeous and the proportions are wonderful, perfect. And I/he live there alone (It represents my mind, my house of relationships). The front of the house is still beautiful, in a quaint way.


Dream 17 August 2010

August 17, 2010

17 August 2010 Tuesday 8 am


Walking along a lane with a lion, like a companion.

Male, huge mane like Aslan. Very peaceful. People around us seem to notice and think it strange, but they’re not frightened.

We enter a sort of  indoor market/food court-like place, and I think I get a half-sandwich for him, but I accidentally drop it on the floor.

He turns into a boy and picks it up, carries it to a booth, eating it, while I’m following him and trying to stop him. But I also realized it was alright. The boy looked a lot like my son, but was not my son.


(from Buddha Heruka: “Don’t use the word “channeling”. Tell people you take messages from Enlightened Beings. You don’t receive them, you go get them.”)

Dream 16 August 2010

August 16, 2010

16 August 2010 Monday 8:20 am

I’m in a place which feels like a mental hospital, even though it’s an open campus and people wander freely.

Trying to figure out why I’m there, what I should be doing.

Am expected to sit in classes of some kind… It’s very chaotic, and I’m aware that actually they can’t make me go, so I just need to decide what to do.

I start a shower running, and walk away as if to get a towel, but the scene changes constantly, although subtly, such that the previous shower is gone, but is replaced by 3-4 new ones; my linens are gone, replaced by other linens.

I walk and meet people; some are flirtatious men. One asks me to join him and his partner for “military-style” sex… S&M? I politely decline, an am amused that he’s so surprised.

(comment added by Heruka on 18 Aug: “These people have no idea how to enjoy themselves!”)

Also a scene about a Redbox movie rental, but all it ghs is several copies of some bad Japanese Manga…

At one point, out on a plaza, I look up in the sky and see a display:

(create and insert image that looks like ship seen in Feb 2012)

Something about bars of color forming a triangle (link to video of Edmonton, BC sighting on 12 Feb 2012), and at first letters, then an image, being projected into the inside of the triangle… But as I watch, the triangle expands and becomes the new scene of the dream.

I’m not worried about the dream – while in it – although a little annoyed by the constant change and the possibility that there might be a conflict.

(Comment added by Heruka on 18 Aug: “Not only might there be conflict, most people don’t want to change. Your enthusiasm will help alleviate their fears.”)

Dream 15 August 2010

August 15, 2010

From 8:15 am:

*Can’t recall detail, but I’m working with a young person – 20’s maybe – teaching her to focus her mind and channel.

It feel alike a setting that’s related to the movie Inception; setting is very busy and fluid and detailed, and we’re working on giving & following instructions in the midst of the busy-ness. I’m helping her learn to notice how her body feels when she’s focused and tuned in to her Guide.**