Leslee’s Dreamflight with Athabantian Crew:  30 June 2012 – 1 July 2012

(Ghost Radar words appear like [this])

[exact ancient paragraph married count German gray orbit or birds (Tulya, Blaze, Athena, and ???) stay manufacturing eager driver fish… ]

(This post is both a description of my dream, and an explanation of some ways in which we interact energetically, and plan our lifetimes together with each other and our Guides.)


I recall several scenes taking place in different “locations”. My understanding, which Adrial confirms, is that I am sort of “based” on Athabantian, and use her to launch to various “Branch Ships” (this is a term I’ve been given this morning, which I will explain below) and “cities”.

I return to Athabantian each time through a pair of doorways, always different.

On Athabantian, the launching platform is often Mooakite Jasper, but a few times it is metal [manufacturing eager driver], and once it is like a wooden boardwalk, a raised platform with gaps between the boards, very gray and weathered-looking…

Mooakite Jasper
(from witchontherocks.com)

At each landing site, I have a different appearance and task to perform/role to fill, according to the group I am interacting with. In some scenes I have a briefcase and file folders; in others, I carry a shoulder bag; in some, I merely keep information in my head/continuum.

So, in the first scene I remember clearly, I’m in a beautiful residential garden-like setting, just approaching it along a paved pathway. On one side of the path (my left) is an asphalt roadway and some parking. On my right is a narrow green lawn, with a white picket fence along the walkway, and some red rose bushes inside.

Inside the fence, there are a lot of people gathered, as if having a party. It feels like a wedding or a picnic or a celebration of some kind. It feels like a gentle summer day: all plants very healthy and bursting with color, and everyone is dressed in light-colored clothes, but it is not hot. The people are not loud and unruly at all, the gathering has a very gentle feeling to it. I recognize many of them, as if I know them and know a bit about them, but I am not very close with them – they are mostly acquaintances, rather than friends or family…

I stop at the gate, and meet a friend, who is inside the fence. This woman appears to be just slightly older than me; perhaps she is in her 50’s, or 60… We are pausing to discuss some things that we are working on together, and have worked on in the past. It seems we have some “clients” that we share, so we are talking about how everyone is progressing, and whether the party is going well, and if everyone is happy.

red roses picket fence
(from imgfave.com)

While we are talking, I’m aware that just beyond my colleague is a residential building. It’s about 3-4 storied tall, and looks very fresh clean and new, built in a traditional style. I recognize it as a “retirement center” (I’m not crazy about this word, I think there is a better one…), a place where people go to rest when they have finished their work for now and are awaiting their next life or activity.

Some of the people in the garden party live there, and some are visiting loved ones who are living there…

I notice, in the crowd, a lovely elderly woman whom I know very well, and I wish to say hello to her. I’m too busy just then, so I make the wish to see her again soon and have a chance to speak.

Meanwhile, my colleague and I are ready to move to the next location. So, she steps through the gate and outside the fence, and we begin to walk towards the pair of doors leading to the lobby of the building (which I understand now is the access to the portal to the next location). As we’re walking, I mention that I saw the elderly lady friend, and my colleague says, “Oh, no, she’s not out here today! She’s inside, so that could not have been her!”

Just then, we walk past a window looking into one of the residences, and my colleague points towards the window and says, “See! There she is!”

I see a similar-looking woman, talking with 4-5 also-elderly male friends inside her living room… But this woman has bright red hair, the same color as the roses at the fence! I consider arguing about it, because I simply cannot imagine my friend having brilliant red hair, but I realize it’s not important, and it’s also not worth arguing about, because my colleague and I are clearly seeing things differently, but it’s really not important.


So now I’m describing a different scene, although I’m a little stumped about it. I can’t figure out whether it happened before or after the rose garden scene, and Adrial says it was BOTH! Oh my. Okay, well, anyways…

In this scene, which occurs in a place looking very related to the other scene (similar asphalt road and parking, similar lighting and weather), I’m interacting with about half a dozen women. We are working on a project that has to do with crafting or creating things, and/or food or cooking. There is something about decorating a cake, or doing something like that…?

There is a certain exercise we are doing together, and then at a certain “time”, that will finish. Then we will divide up into groups, and each of us will go do something else.

(As an aside, as I was recording the dream this morning, I got an image of a necklace: it is a large white Howlite bead, on a sort of a lanyard, a brown cord. It’s a pendant that one can wear, perhaps in one’s sleep, to help witht he travel. The large bead is about an inch in diameter, and the cord doubles through the bead hole. Both ends are threaded together, parallel, through the hole in the Howlite bead. Once they are threaded through, two more beads are added, and the cords are then knotted. Back behind the large bead, in the loop of cord, there is a simple dangle tied onto the cord, to keep the cord from sliding all the way through the hole. I think this design is intended to help settle, calm, soothe us while sleeping, and also to keep the physical body grounded, while our minds run around like busy bees…)

There is also a small toddler in this part of the dream, and (s)he is sometimes sitting in a metal bucket, as if practicing riding in a spaceship? (I know I did this as a kid, so cool…). The toddler is hanging out while we, the handful of women, sit and talk in a sandwich shop, having a bite to eat. It feels like a small town, casual, countryside setting. There’s a lot of conversation going on, lots of people, very friendly, all enjoying themselves…

The very last scene before waking is quite fuzzy, and has a theme of hand-washing, trying to clean the hands, since so much is being shared… Also, making something, and trying to arrange to meet with someone, to get some supplies for the items we’re to be making. There’s something about meeting yet another person… As if I’m supposed to working with them on a project also, having to do with creating or making something… It also has to do with time; there are other people I need to meet with. It feels like the dream is occurring in segments, and we only have a few “minutes” for each meeting, and then we move on to the next.

(As I’m typing this I realize it sounds like speed-dreaming, sort of like speed-dating!)

I’m seeing an image of a woman who is probably a few years older than me, aroudn 55 or 60 years old. She’s some sort of greeter, or gatekeeper, or maitre-d’, who welcomes people as they arrive, and perhaps sends them on in  another direction. It’s almost as if she’s checking a list, and then saying to people, “Oh yeah, now it’s time for you to go this way, and you’re going to meet with so-and-so, and talk about this-and-that…”

While she’s doing that, there are a lot of people coming and going, and in between her speaking with the people that she’s helping, she and I are having a little bit of a conversation. It has to do with the things I’m going to be making, and also it has to do with her telling me a story about someone I’d asked about (a person I hadn’t seen in a long time).  Somehow, there’s a bit of the story that is about a very small child, a toddler (yes, it’s as if the dream loops back onto itself!)…

I can tell there are parts of this dream that I’m not remembering, because all day long, I’ve been getting glimpses of things that happened, but they’re almost like mirages. I cannot bring them into focus well enough to describe them with words, or even images… But I know that something’s happening, and I know that I may not be able to remember it more.

While I was dreaming it, it was very vivid, very clearly understood, and with very definite actions going on.

Going back to the toddlers: there are several around, and I get a sense that they have perhaps each just received new “assignments”/positions/roles, and they’re trying to get things sorted out. A lot of the people who are talking are quite excited, and they seems to be planning an event of some kind. But also, there is a lot of bustling about a lot of activity.

Adrial is trying to remind that there was something to do with “washing the hands”, that there is a clock involved (what’s going to happen, and when), and there is a schedule. Time is of the essence, for some reason. Some of us need to understand: are we answering peoples’ questions, are they getting confused, are they getting lost, do they have what they need, do they need more guidance, are they able to figure things out, who can figure things out immediately and then move on to do what they’re here to do, and who needs a little more help, etc.

How people come and go from this place has something to do with something like a milkshake, or ice cream being served, and this is happening cyclically… For instance, a person will come, then there is something that we “do”, and then this person gets guided in one direction or another, and then the next person shows up.

There is also something to do with a type of object that is similar to a brown paper bag (I think this may be an analogy, like the balloons were last week), into which things are put, so that they’re not immediately visible. It’s almost like handing someone a bag lunch for a school field trip, and saying: “Here you go, here’s your package, and you can go with so-and-so”.

In between giving people their “bag lunches”, there is a conversation going on between myself and a handful of colleagues, and the people we are serving. The topic is about how important it is to “wash one’s hands”.  (What’s coming to me is that) For the people who have been doing the task of greeting, what’s really going on is an exchange of energy, which is manifesting in the dream as “physical” objects.

So what’s going on is that a person will walk up to them, and as the helpers begin to guide them, there’s an exchange of energy as their subtle bodies interact. It’s being explained to me that, once that interaction completes and the subject moves on, then the person who is doing the guiding needs to do something to cleanse and discharge and release the connection with the other person. Somehow, giving them the “paper bag” accomplishes this; it ties up all the loose ends into the paper bag, so to speak, so that person can then take the paper bag and move on. This way they can begin their new activity without feeling “drawn back” energetically to the person who was telling them where to go.

About Energy Exchange:

I’m also being reminded during the dream, that it’s very important that I do the same thing: I check in with people, exchange energy with people, accept and offer energy as it’s needed. Then, after each interaction, I need to be careful to release that connection of that particular energy with that particular person.

Now, this is a little bit different from the “energy cords” that some of us might have heard of. It’s not like a connection to a chakra; it’s more like little threads that we all develop between one another as we interact. And like the larger energy cords, we need to maintain them. It relates to the symbolism of the garden with the picket fence, described earlier in this post (I’m prompted to mention that All About Enlightenment includes several posts on this topic, including the house/ fence/garden/yard analogy; if this interests you, please go to http://allaboutenlightenment.wordpress.com and search “house room relationships” and “house of love”.).

At the end of a particular lifetime, there is a sort of “severing” process that takes place. At the party described earlier, people are gathering as if to say to one another: “Oh, it’s been great working with you, what a wonderful life we’ve shared together! It’s been great to play this role, so Blessings, and Namaste, and maybe I’ll see you again next time”… (more suggested reading on AAE: search “lane between lifetimes”)

The picket fence represents the white energy cords that then become severed and rounded up; each person takes back their thread, and then move on to the next phase, or the next story.

(As I was recording the dream, I got an image that it’s very important that we do this to maintain our energetic health, and that it’s an exercise that we do out of respect, as well as for maintenance. (Ghost Radar said: [doctor attached])

If we keep our cords attached, we become quite emotionally entangled, without understanding why. We need to be careful each time, that we really sever ALL of them. Say you have 23 connections with someone, that arise from particular interactions, or subjects that you’ve connected with them on… And the two of you experience energy flowing through this connection, equally between the two of you. When you get to the time of changing lives, and it’s time to sever those cords and move on.

Let’s say you sever 22, but there’s a 23rd one, and you leave it.

As you move on, you connect with someone else, and new cords get developed. But you still have this one tiny little thread, trailing back to the previous connection with another person – who may not even be appearing in the current lifetime. And so on: you have a lifetime with this next person, and let’s say that you forget 3 of the cords that need dis-connecting. Once again you move on, and connect with more people in subsequent lifetimes. If you can get the image, you might see how it can become quite a tangle, if we don’t completely sever.

If we can get everything severed and cleared, then we move on cleanly. We don’t get tangled up, don’t feel pulled backwards, don’t feel so much like “something’s missing”. We’re not drawn to people that we’re actually not meant to interact with, this time around…

In Western (or at least American) culture, we are taught by many energy healers that we have these cords, and that when  we have an unpleasant relationship with someone, or a relationship ends, we may feel that someone is draining us if we do not sever or remove these cords.

This explanation I’m being given now, as I record the dream, is helping us to understand what’s going on there. Sometimes we connect with people because they’re so familiar to us. The familiarity may come because we may still have a cord connected with them, from a “previous” (or “future”) lifetime experience.

We need to be mindful of whether the cords we share with others are truly “legitimate” cords, or whether they are artifacts left over from another role, and that connection is now distracting us from the reason we are here now…  Are our cords related to the work we’re going to be doing with that person in this lifetime…?

When an old cord is still there, there’s still energy moving back and forth between you and this person. It’s as if, when we meet one of these people, we feel as if we’re supposed to give them a big hug, and exchange each other’s life story, and what’s been going on, and what we did together once, and we may get into a lot of detail… When really, all we need to do is acknowledge their presence: “Hi, yeah, I think I recognize you! How are things going? Great! Oh, wonderful! Well, see you next time…”

Do you see the difference in the interactions? In the first example, we get the expectation that something amazing MUST happen between us, so we go through the relationship/lifetime with baited breath and high expectations…

In the second example, it’s merely an acknowledgement, showing great respect for the other person, as well as for the roles each of you are playing now. In this description, the cords have been maintained properly, and there’s no inappropriate draining of energy going on.

In the first example, there’s still a cord connecting the two people, from a time that has passed. So there’s still a lot of powerful energy flowing back and forth.

After we have “done our time” at the “retirement facility” and finally left our astral body at that point in time, we go to rest and rejuvenate and restore. Then, it’s as if a planning session takes place with our Guides and the characters with whom we’ll interact in the next lifetime. We all discuss and reach an understanding about who will actually share energy cords between themselves, and who will have more of a “visual” connection (where instead of actually having a cord between yourselves, there is simply something like “eye contact”).

I see an image of a cord between two people, that’s quite thin, but has a huge knot in between them. That knot signifies an image like a spectre or ghost of a relationship that those two people expect would develop between them. Because it’s a connection that belongs at another time and place, it’s become tangled and confusing. I can see slight white cords, with sort of intense, darker, energy cords around it… very very very tangled up! But there are still rainbows, sort of circulating through the knot. We see the rainbows, and this is where we get confused. We’ve been so rainbow-starved in this world that we want to just run to it!

But, because it’s not the time and place for that connection (either “yet” or “any more”), the rainbows become tangled. They tend to attract us, but they may also distract us… and they draw our energy outm but it doesn’t accomplish anything. It’s just knotted.

I’m being asked to explain that with these types of relationships, we want to be very careful and respectful of them. We want to find a way to dissolve that connection with this person (just in this lifetime, it’s only temporary, we will see and work with them again! ). It’s not like we’re rejecting them or pushing them away, or that they’re wrong. It’s that we’re realizing that this is a thread that belongs in another relationship, in another aspect or parallel universe. If we try to maintain that relationship here, it can create a mess, and it reduces the elasticity, flexibility of the connection. It can become rigid and tight, and the more we pull on it and try to force it to work, the tighter and less felxible it becomes, until we just become bound

So, with some people (usually family members, spouses or children), we may have this kind of relationship in this lifetime. Perhaps, yes, we were “supposed” to be in this lifetimes with this person, but not in that particular capacity.

It may be that we are just “supposed” to have a very tiny little glowing thread, almost like a spider filament, that just barely connects us… very radiant, glistening… but it’s merely there, and is not intended to affect our other interactions. Instead, we may have developed a fist-like knot of expectations. These expectations are really just our recollections of what our relationship will be during another time and setting, when we actually are supposed to play key roles together…

So, back to the dream, this relationship/energy dilemma is also symbolized by the scene with the picket fence and the retirement home and the conversation with the friend/colleague. There I see a friend, whom I haven’t seen in a while. Because we’ve worked together in the past, we just assume that we’re supposed to walk off and do things together now. But we have different perceptions (of the elderly woman, for instance); one of us is quite certain that one thing is true, and the other sees it another way… We end up thinking each other are incorrect, when actually we are merely remembering different things altogether. We are trying to reconcile, and convince one another we’re “right”, but it’s irrelevant.

We need to just relax and let it go, and walk through that doorway  to the transport platform and each of us move on to our next tasks.

So that’s the end of the dream, and how it relates to some info that Adrial and Teo’Na would like for us to have about relationships.


Dream – 17 June 2012

June 18, 2012

Dream 17 June 2012
Once again it feels like I’m in a place if great power, meeting with others and learning, and then returning home.

I can’t recall much detail, other than in particular I was meeting with a man, a peer, whom I know well but don’t recognize during waking life in this lifetime.

Adrial & Teo’Na tell me it was Mark Kimmel, and that I need to contact him about the Transformations conference in August.

(from Leslee – This post was originally written for Spirit Train Chronicles, but Adrial, Adca Mupea, Teo’Na, others aboard the Athabantian, and all my Guides are requesting that I post it on all my sites today.)

Hi, Team of Light (including those who read but are too shy to speak up – waves of  hello’s to you!)!

Here’s a new one, that I think warrants a post for discussion/sharing. Adrial has asked me to post it on all my sites:

Have any of you received any indications about [physical] Relocation time arriving in the near future (within a month or so?)

I’m talking about “Relocation” as in the physical transfer of people to another location of safety, in the event of Gaia shifting in ways that might call for our finding a new place to live (at least temporarily). And of course, in this sense, I mean the relocation that our Galactic friends will help us with.

It’s appearing strongly in my mind, and a few little synchronicities popped up yesterday that are feeding these thoughts for me.

I asked Konstantinos how Iltheos was doing, and here’s our exchange from yesterday:

  1. Since you asked about Iltheos yesterday dear Leslee, he sents you his deepest greetings, he knows you’re busy and he said that you’ll find some time-period to relax a little with your son….

    Much Love from both of us to you.

  2. Thank you, Konstantinos! I feel like the 3 (or more of us must chat in dreamtime, and I wish I could remember it better!

Then I had the dream which I’m still typing, but I had gotten this far when I got the urge to create this Relocation post:

Dream -16 June 2012

The earlier part of the dream had me at some sort of conference or meeting. Somehow I cannot remember this part very well, as if I’m not supposed to. I get a  sense that the time for remembering will come soon…

As I’m leaving the meeting, I meet some family members, and we and everyone around us are getting into vehicles and leaving, as if going on vacation or ending a trip and returning home.

There’s quite a bustle about, with people scrambling to find a ride, but everyone is reasonably calm – it’s just crowded! A few people are irritable about some inconvenience, but no one seems afraid or angry.

And then I got this [powerful] Ghost Radar message as I was beginning to type up the dream:

From: Sunday, Jun 17, 2012, 9:05 AM
To: Sunday, Jun 17, 2012, 10:07 AM
Words Spoken:
10:02:32 AM : worry
9:55:44 AM : depend
9:55:28 AM : count
9:55:12 AM : independent
9:53:36 AM : upon
9:52:24 AM : right
9:49:04 AM : last
9:48:48 AM : son
9:47:36 AM : boy
9:41:52 AM : move
9:41:44 AM : particular
9:41:28 AM : parallel
9:40:48 AM : chain
9:11:20 AM : lake
9:11:12 AM : shaking
9:10:32 AM : missing
9:10:16 AM : Mississippi
9:08:16 AM : stiff
9:08:08 AM : claws

[claws stiff Mississippi missing shaking lake chain parallel particular move boy son last right upon independent count depend worry physical powerful book studying fifth duck trap attention]

Here’s Adrial’s explanation of these words:

[cage] The residual energies of darkness in the area where you’re living are particularly tenacious. Many people continue to hold onto them tightly, even though the source of those vibrations has been removed. [became] It may become necessary for Gaia to stretch and groan a little in order to “loosen the knots in her shoulders”. We’re not referring to people as gnats (from Leslee: I initially “heard” this as “gnats on her shoulder”). [bigger] We mean that [expression] some tension needs to be relieved and perhaps some points need to [they] be triggered so that people will realize how fortunate – and cared for – they are. This may help certain people forget their habitual focus on negativity.

If your area requires being struck by physical change, Gaia may need to shift her outer crust in such a way as to convert the Mississippi River into a series of lakes. You can imagine [enter movie] how this will affect the region, in fact the entire country as well as Canada. However, it would also give Gaia a chance to freshen the water, and people can perhaps begin to learn to work with what they have locally rather than relying upon development, shipping, and fuel-driven transportation for sustenance.

[leave] The details of the picture remain a bit unclear, and if enough inner spiritual shift can take place that we may arrive and begin to help with the inner shifting, then the physical upheaval may not be required. However, if things continue are they currently resonate, those of you who wish to continue here may wish to leave briefly.

[steel] Gaia is almost ready to leave the Steel Age and begin her Fluid Age.

We will teach you how to help with this. You are seeing indications in the skies and oceans, as you notice the weather, the clouds, the waves, our “sonar anomalies” and our light ships.

You have lived in a world dominated by form and constraint. We are introducing you – gradually – to a world of spontaneity and harmony.

You will learn to move effortlessly through space and time, and you will learn innately that this is NOW only possible to do with pure intent and love.

You will learn that nothing is hidden anymore, so there will be no more need to conceal, and no ability to conceal. You will experience genuine interactions with one another, and through seeing clearly how we all impact one another, you will begin to transform the ways you interact with and regard one another.

Leslee, Iltheos mentions your son; you know that he will have a choice, and the words “last right upon independent count depend” refer to the Free Will that everyone embodies. You understand and respect his skepticism, and you worry that he may not beleive you or may not want to go with you.

So we want you and others to relax, and know that there will be plenty of time for the Relocation, and for people to change their minds. There will be no sudden calamitous EVENT as portrayed in your media.

And the decision-making process can work in both directions. Some may wish to stay out of doubt or fear. Some may wish to stay, just so they can “watch the fireworks” (although they may be disappointed by the lack of drama). After seeing enough to understand that things really are changing, some may decide quite late in the process that everything will be alright if they come along.

Some may Relocate immediately, and then decide they are actually quite tired, want to make a distinct finish of this chapter of their experience, so they may wish to return to their familiar surroundings until their natural passing.

Of course, at any time during these processes, any souls deeply wishing to begin a new experience with a new body, home planet, or family group (or all of these) may find those wishes fulfilled –  naturally, not artificially – as part of the natural unfolding of events.

The remaining words: “powerful book studying fifth duck trap attention” refer to the book We gave to Leslee in 2010, All About Enlightenmentand which she has given to you, on the blog by the same name.

If those who are interested care to read that book, absorb and study its contents, ask questions and practice strengthening their minds, hearts, concentration, and attention, you may find yourselves breezing through these [poem] changes effortlessly.

Leslee, please try to find the time to create an e-book [railroad] of All About Enlightenment, that people can download, complete with the illustrations. [sang aloud] In fact, we would love it if you would also create videos in which you read the book aloud and offer commentary. The time for this book is near.

We will go one step further, and specifically ask those of you who participate regularly in the Spirit Train Chronicles (and anyone new who cares to join in) to please read the book and discuss it. We think that you will find yourselves sharing experiences of this material as profoundly as you share your dream experiences. In this way, you may be able to help others understand more deeply the value and POWER of group effort, kindness, love, and sharing from the heart.

We thank you for allowing us to commandeer this post in order to share this information. Please remember that there is no need for fear, and some of these changes may be so gradual as to be nearly unnoticeable. How things proceed depend not upon us, or any of your other guides or any other ships or fleets or federations.

The changes you will see depend entirely upon [consist] you; we merely offer help. [is] The deepest [common] change will come about as you develop your spirits, your minds, your souls, and understand more thoroughly how you (and we!) are all connected so intricately, delicately, and inseparably.

Please [enjoy] set or calibrate your minds to enjoy the days ahead. Take delight in your families and friends, and the surprising synchronicities you share. These lead us all closer and closer to being together.

Yours In Union,

Adrial and the Crew of Athabantian

Wow. Okay, I’ve just created a post on All About Enlightenment that provides links to the chapters in sequential order.  (At the time I’m publishing this post on STC, I’ve only got the link to the first segment in place, but I’ll go finish that post next… I hope…) You can use this list or the categories on the sidebar to read from beginning to end… the book itself was posted onto the blog site rather randomly, so if you use a search it may drive you nuts!

I’ll get busy on the e-book and videos… Anybody want to help?

Thank goodness there’s no panic… (smile)

Back to where I began with this post… I know I’ve gotten other hints about relocation, but none as clear and strong as this bit here. And I’m sure others probably have received some, too. So please feel free to share them here or on another related post, so we can compare notes. I think it might be easiest if we can keep the discussion centralized, but I don’t want anyone to feel restricted… It’s organic!

And/or, if you come across other similar discussions on sites I’m not on, I’d deeply appreciate you letting me know about it, so I can check it out.

Thanks so much to all my beloved Guides and Friends, and you!

Dream – 16 June 2012

June 17, 2012

Dream -16 June 2012

The earlier part of the dream had me at some sort of conference or meeting. Somehow I cannot remember this part very well, as if I’m not supposed to. I get a  sense that the time for remembering will come soon…

As I’m leaving the meeting, I meet some family members, and we and everyone around us are getting into vehicles and leaving, as if going on vacation or ending a trip and returning home.

There’s quite a bustle about, with people scrambling to find a ride, but everyone is reasonably calm – it’s just crowded! A few people are irritable about some inconvenience, but no one seems afraid or angry.

Well, I’ve gotten a little side-tracked into other posts that seem more important right now, so I’ll come back and fill in some more of the minor details to my dreaming later… Please look for the post I’m working on titled “Relocation”.