Dream 27 May 2013

May 27, 2013

I’m at a work-session party with a large group of friends. It’s a bit like a reunion, because many of us had not seen each other for a long time, or at least it felt that way. We were both catching up with one another on what we had been doing, and talking about what lies ahead.

Many of the group had “returned” to this place to stay for a while and rest; perhaps even until the end of that lifetime, because our assignments had been arduous. Also, even though we had been away for some time, our bodies appeared to be quite young – again or still, depending in our circumstances – as if we were 18-20 years old.

I had mentioned to a few people that I was going out again on another assignment (this is quite parallel to my moving to Florida in this waking life). I spent some more time inside visiting with friends, and then went outside to sit and talk quietly with a few people.

The place felt like it was in night-time, because the ambient light levels were quite low. It also felt like evening energy, with things winding down and settling. Although our group was fairly lively and chatting, we seemed to be the only ones who were that active in the area. It had a feeling as if most people had closed down for the evening and gone home, but we were all staying and lingering.

I could sense buildings, trees, lawns and other plants, and the place felt peaceful, just a bit eerie. Like a quiet in-between place. The setting and people for the most part felt much like suburban America. I was mildly bored.

As I was sitting there outside, a young man whom I knew from “long ago” approached me and asked if we could walk and talk awhile. We left the group, and as he put his arm around my shoulder, I put mine around his waist.

We walked away from the group, and he did most of the talking while I listened. We had known each other for some time, and although we had been familiar, our relationships had been more like acquaintances than close friendships or partnerships.

He was telling me that he wished we could spend more time together before I leave… Preferably romantically, to see if we were compatible enough to enter into a long-term relationship. He had wanted to ask me about this for several assignment cycles, but had never had a chance.

(I realize as I’m typing that this was a between-lifetime dream (link to AAE), and that) He was asking if we could plan to meet together in the next lifetime/assignment.

As we walked and he talked, I listened, and tuned into his energy to see if I could tell what that kind of relationship might be like with him. I was also reminded of a conversation I had a few years ago in waking life, with a fellow I had known when I was a teenager. Although this fellow reminded me faintly of the same person energetically, I felt he was a different being, and they had slightly different physical aspects, although he did appear somewhat Caucasian.

I continued to listen, and was wondering how to respond, because I had already committed to this new assignment, so any plans we made would need to either be long-term, or he would need to make arrangements to join me on this assignment. I felt agreeable to his suggestion, but my first priority was to the assignment, and it was to begin soon.

In our stroll we approached a building that looked like an empty shopping mall or market, and it felt like it also housed other facilities like conference rooms or classrooms. It was a low, rambling building with many wings and branches. I realized that I wanted to find a restroom, so we went inside. We had walked for a few moments when a person who looked a bit like a security guard approached. This person was wearing a uniform and helmet, and was riding an apparatus that looked a bit like a Segway (a motorized platform to stand on and propel oneself), and appeared to be Asian.

We asked if there was a restroom nearby, and this being (who seemed quite androgynous) led us towards some restrooms that seemed to be in the back of a closed restaurant. The whole building seemed very dark and quiet for the night.

The restrooms had a few toilet rooms to choose from. They all seemed a bit cluttered, and the equipment and furnishings in them seemed to vary from room to room, and none were very familiar to me.

Apparently I found what I needed at the restroom, because next I remember rejoining my friend and we continued our walk. The security guard seemed to have left, so we walked further down the concourse of the building we’d entered.

We passed through a pair of doors, and found ourselves in a brightly-lit, bustling center of activity. It’s as if we had wormholed into a new place and landed right in the middle of the kitchen in a Korean restaurant!

The people there looked different from us: a little shorter with sturdier bodies, and squarish heads with Oriental features. They also seemed to be all talking at once, calling and shouting to one another, exchanging orders and passing in information.

There were all kinds of noodle and pasta dishes being prepared, with sauces and vegetables, and everything looked really delicious! Hot steamy pots and strainers and plates of food being served up, with the “customers” right there in the same place…

I wanted to stay and get something to eat, but we realized we needed to get back to the group we had left. We made our way through the restaurant and left through the opposite pair of doors.

At this point the dream faded and I awoke.


Dream 22 May 2013

May 22, 2013

Asked to go to Vesu, meet those who could help me understand Vesu, and learn about my role in Vesu.

Dream of meeting with a very beautiful woman, discussing roles, education… Finishing conversation, meeting Grace, time to leave… Start to walk thru beautiful neighborhood with her, then realize I don’t recall where I parked, how I arrived. Not sure where to go next.

I walk around a bit, make no progress, finally find a man I can ask for help: I don’t know where I parked? He senses my frustration. Since it’s getting late, sun going down, he suggests I just stay for the night and things will better clear in the morning.

I go with him and sit to wait for someone to meet me and take me to accommodations. There are two men, one with African features and one looks more Caucasian, although he’s quite tanned. Both appear about 50 years old, and have very short hair that’s partly gray. I feel deeply resonant with both of them.

Tanned man is there, lying on soft platform I’m sitting on, nestled against me as I sit, and I affectionately stroke his hair. This feels nice, but I also have heart-centered business with the dark-skinned man, so I wonder how things will go when he arrives. I have “business” to take care of with both of them.

The scene shifts slightly. I’m still in the same place, but am now sitting and looking at a box that is an electronic component. Reminds me of Steve and Susan’s computer. We have finished working on it, repairing and supplementing it, and it’s reassembled. I intend to take it with me when I return, and there is a small clear plastic plate that needs to be screwed down tightly over a yellow tab so that it covers a very tiny memory card slot. I’m trying to tighten the screw using my fingernail, but a screwdriver would work much better. Since there’s not one handy, I go sit down and chat with two men I understand I’ll be working with, who are from Vesu. One of them is physically present, and the other one seems aetheric rather than physical.

End of dream.

Dream 15 May 2013

May 15, 2013

Dream within a dream Looking at postcard with pic of house Beach house: Vephanao? Wooden, on boardwalk above dunes Frank Lloyd Wright, Bucky Fuller dymaxion house Scale changes from huge building to small house, windows views all around In dream, ask myself to remember this

Exam room as if for a check-up or a meeting with a doctor A mother just left with tiny baby What a mess All types of body fluids, etc. EVERYWHERE! I begin to clean, nurse-like figure comes in and insists in finishing for me but I know it’s one of Sirians (Aneltha? Later: yes, Aneltha is the doctor. She appeared Asian in my dream)

Other rooms, activities and tasks

Dream 14 May 2013

May 14, 2013

“Killian”…. going through scenarios, which one to choose… Tall mirrors…

Insights after waking: Been reading Ruppelt’s book UFO Report: so much consternation over why Air Force would not make a statement, accept that we’re certainly being visited by interplanetary craft, but more so by ones from within the planet.

Search “remote viewing UFOs”.

Also, to friend L: learning guides are what I was hearing all along…

Sirian ship (GLS Salcys): cockpit borrowing: message, word pool? two circles oo’s with blue glyphs inside like moon phases; light blue bar in red box; stars outside… gunnery turret used for meditation pod

Dream similar to first round yesterday: light blue pickup? with woman, given tour, making choices to see about results?

Waking with connection to Isintha: water, white script on screen. Like a mixture of Arabic and Sanskrit or Tibetan: fluid like Arabic, yet even more compact than Tibetan. I realize I’m borrowing… I’m seeing through Isintha’s eyes. The atmosphere is liquid. Dark blue. Cockpit. Faint fluorescent yellow- green lights flowing on monitors.

I leave the cockpit and travel along a tunnel… I realize I’m with Lumintha. Hallways, like huge tubes. The top half of the tube is filled with air, and creatures float and fly through it. The bottom half is split lengthwise: half of it is solid floor, and the other half, alongside the floor, is water, a canal. Lumintha swims in the water, I walk alongside… together, we’re traveling traveling swiftly… In a ship.

I see Mikos on the platform again… Floating on surface of water. In need of healing. Agnès is fine. Healing on behalf of world…

I feel disoriented, too choppy, so much coming so fast, can’t even decide who I want to meet, discuss with… Heruka?

Better at this moment, for this info, to meet with someone with a body. What body? None of us have bodies… What IS a body?

Someone I might meet in this body.

Glöethe? Adca? Mikos? Iltheos? Can’t think of others, there are so many…

You’re showing me so much, it’s not coherent…

Inner Earth. Glöethe, the King of the World, with a tablet of shimmering gold crystals, like brilliant radiant pyrite… Set in a blue and purple stone base, shaped like a lectern… I hear my Earth-mother’s voice, just a brief, garbled phrase. How do we recognize? How are these connected? Connection between Earth, Inner Earth, Arcturians, Sirian vessel? Oracle.

Next I’m taken to a pentagonal shallow pool: shallow blue-green water over worn gray-white marble plinth with a wavy surface, that nearly fills the shape of the pool. The pool has deeper edges so others can walk or swim around the plinth in the center. Asintotha taking over, to calm and explain. Step back for bigger picture. Just float and rest.

I want to know about GCE, changes… What can best help us prepare? Why does it have to be ships? Where will this polarization end? How can I help?

End of dream.

(I’m not sure if this was a dream, a vision, or an astral travel…)

I’m walking with a male friend, on a concrete roof, the top level of a parking deck… Bright sun, there are other low buildings and a park nearby. We approach a light blue pickup truck, it’s the one we were looking for. I open the door to look for something in the glove box, and my companion yells out. he says the truck is booby-trapped, there’s a bomb under the hood, and I only have 15 seconds to disarm it! I rush to tear open the dashboard to access the wires I need to disconnect. I think to myself, There’s no way I can do this in 15 seconds!

I notice, however, that 15 seconds in this setting is MUCH longer than 15 seconds in the waking world…

I start to run away from the truck, expecting the bomb to detonate… my companion runs with me, then starts laughing like a teenage boy who’s just successfully played a practical joke.

I stop and look at him. “You would make a joke like that, with a bomb planted? Don’t ever do that again! Was their even really a bomb?

He continues to laugh. From the truck comes a faint sound like a click. My companion says, “Oh yeah! Why, that was the biggest explosion to occur in this parking deck in last hour and a half!”… Not funny.

Still I have my bag with tools, I was prepared… What happened before? As I’m calming my anger, I receive telepathically an article about a fire, a bomb at the coast,instead of where I am… I can see that too, a man was killed, someone I knew. The scene I see looks a lot lime the explosion and fire last week in West, Texas US.

I leave the male companion and walk around. Getting to know the place, I take a tour of shops, houses, a horseshoe-shaped road, with thin metal fences.

Sitting at a bar in a coffee shop with a woman, we’re exchanging gifts… Scarves, choosing colors… I’m given a small tin with tiny gifts: soft capsules, sponges…? Candies? They Seem a bit like crackers, crisps… I give her a hug of thank you, what can I give in return?

She tells me she already has a gift I gave her before… hers was thanking me (red hair?)

Road, car… Getting acquainted…

End of dream.

(The first part of this dream left me feeling uneasy. I had requested another meeting with Isintha, and I was disturbed by the bomb motif. No war, no terror. Not in the world I inhabit. If this was a Sirian theme, then I want nothing to do with it. I sense there are more layers of complexity to the imagery, so I resolved myself to let it go for now, until I had more opportunities for further interactions.)

Dream 4 May 2013

May 4, 2013

(Going to sleep I requested to meet with one io the Sirian telepathic crew I learned about from Aseorkha, and to learn about our connection…)

Sleeping & Dream: On ship, Sirian women…

I’m standing beside a large plate-glass window, looking out into a vast, cloud-filled sky. the window is probably two stories tall and as wide. From above the window, a huge crane-like arm apparatus with a clamp or claw on it reaches out and begins to slowly reach downwards. Once I notice the arm, I also notice that a truss-like frame appears outside the window. It’s as if it materialized, or as if I was not able to perceive this frame until I noticed the arm. This frame supports the window I’m looking through.

Next I see the huge crane arm is carrying curved glass bubble (I think of Lisa’s vision of the arrival hall at Abiquor). The arm is going to put the bubble in place, against the frame. But the bubble hits the frame at the top, and the entire frame as well as the bubble fall and hit the plaza quite far below.

Oddly, even though the bubble hit the frame against the window quite hard, there was no jolt, only sound… Frame & bubble slide down and fall to ground… As if landing on a cushion. Amazed, I then think of people on the ground, hope no one’s hurt… I lean against the window and look down at the ground… I see men crawl out from under the frame and go sit on a curb below.

I notice one man in particular, as he comes up and sits. He’s very tall and slender, with long, wild, orange-red beard, mustache and hair… He’s wearing a floppy loose garment that reminds me of a mix between a trenchcoat and a construction worker’s tan canvas coveralls. It’s unzipped and open, very loose, with an orange tint to it. Something he’s wearing underneath reminds me of the red and white striped worm from a recent dream… He looks up and sees me watching him, and seems alarmed, shocked… I applaud, so happy to see they are safe, and I sense they can hear me clapping. He gives me an odd look, and I realize they don’t understand why I applaud. I try to communicate, can they hear? They look away… More people come…

(Asintotha explained to me that the expression of surprise was that they realized I could see them. Apparently the frame, bubble, crane and workers were all supposed to be invisible to me…)

I’m still standing at the window, and a woman, tall, thin, with dark hair in bun, escorts me to kitchen area. (I learned later this is Isintha.) she tells me that someone has died… Do I remember who first recruited me? I think of retail, mall design, and she says, No, before that… I think of the (unbuilt) floor design I made for the Florida Mall… It was a pattern of swirling water and seashells, to be built in terrazzo… There was a man, can I remember name: Tim? Burl? Durl? Hurl? It’s a simple name (ask)… He is gone now… (The name is “DUR”)

I look around the kitchen, remember it was mine at one time… Is there food? What is the “kitchen” for?
Are woman and ship Sirian? Asintotha?

(The ship is Sirian, it’s the GLS Salcys, and the woman is Isintha, one of the members if the group of telepathic communicators. Also, the man in red/orange is very significant in my spiritual dreams. He appears in various aspects, and I understand him to be a kind of wrathful protector.)

Dream 3 May 2013

May 4, 2013

Can’t remember much about dream… Just going through two travel bags (small toiletries bags), one was for things I need now, one was for things I’ll need later. These looked like two bags I’ve had in waking life, one I recently discarded, and its new replacement.

End of dream.

(Continuing to ask about connecting with the Sirians… Something deeply resonant about reading Aseorkha’s posts about them.)