Leslee’s Visit To Athabantian – 26 MAY 2012

BORROWING DREAM ABOARD ATHABANTIAN: (from Leslee) I arose in this dream as if I was one of the Athabantian Crew members; I’ve since learned that I was experiencing the dream from the point of view of Adca Mupea, one of the Crew members. We’ve sometimes used the term “borrowing” to describe this type of experience.
One unusual thing that I noticed about this “dream” is that I was able, as I was recording it, to return to the scene of the dream and see more, as a form of Remote Viewing. This is the first time I’ve noticed this ability for myself.

I’m in a place that seems like a large building… It has living quarters as well as working space… Has everything in it… I realize it’s a ship, the Starship Athabantian.

It pretty much feels like I live there, its my day-to-day situation. It’s a permanent situation, not like a temporary visit.

I’m part of a team, a large Crew, that’s doing ongoing work…

I’m “married”, have a partner, or at least we spend our “evenings” together… We live together…  Ghost Radar calls him “Danny”, but his name is Dunyeeh. We’ve been together for a very long, long time… It’s a very confident, loving relationship, with a lot of humor… And we’re very different from one another… In Earth terms, you might say we’re an unlikely couple; we complement, balance one another.

In the dream, and there on the ship, we have human-like bodies…

I’m not sure what mine looks like… It’s not like I’m built now, here on Earth… It’s thin, and there’s a youthfulness about us, although we’re older…

He’s particularly tall and muscular, compared to the other men, with short dark hair and no facial hair.

I think I’m just sort of average, and in that setting, average is kind of tall and thin.

We’re not in uniforms, we’re just dressed like people today would dress.

Many of us are in jeans, but I suspect it appears this way to me because that would be my preference…

We spend the days working in a Team Room… There are several, many of us that work together, and we all know each other very well…

I believe what we’re doing is monitoring, guiding, protecting, situations on Earth that are in danger of getting out of hand.

There are a couple of rooms that we work in.

One is like a huge situation room, and the other is more like a classroom, although it’s not a classroom… In this room, there’s a series of small desks and consoles, and each person sits there and does their work, at times…

There’s a flexibility about the dream,  a fluidity… But I can see that we have assigned desks, so everyone always sits at their same desk, and has things that “belong” to them…

Dunyeeh sits in front of me, and we laugh and joke a lot, and talk… But when we’re at our desks, we’re focused on a task of some kind.

The desk is like a control panel… It has something like a grid on it, that allows us to access different aspects of people’s lives on Earth; it allows us to connect with them…

Around the left-hand, right-hand, and upper edges of the desk, holograms can pop up, so that we can look at things related to what we’re digging into, monitoring at the moment. It’s  like having a collection of holographic browsing tabs all open at once…

Athabantian is one of the ships that is approaching Earth, and eventually, we’ll actually be meeting the people we’re working with.

At one point in the dream, there’s another man that trades desks with Dunyeeh, and they try to trick me into thinking he’s Dunyeeh by changing his appearance to look like Dunyeeh. This is something we practice from time to time, in preparation for arriving at Earth.

Once we get to Earth, our forms will “congeal”, and we’ll begin to age, just like humans.

We’re laughing, because our friend is a much smaller man than Dunyeeh, and he needs to work on his mimicking skills! He doesn’t look at all like Dunyeeh, but I don’t think he realizes it…

So we’re still experimenting with how we will look as people, and having some fun with that.

However, tricking someone will always be difficult, because regardless if appearance, we can always recognize one another by our energetic signatures…

This skill is something that humans will enjoy once they reach 5D…

And this is one way in which there will no longer be deceit and manipulation by the dark… People in the 5th always see things for what they really are.

In another part of the dream, there is activity going in back in our personal quarters (we call it “home”)…

Our quarters are basically one large room, with a living/sleeping space; We also have a room that we transform back and forth to bathroom or kitchen (again, to practice our Earth-living skills…).

There’s a third room, that looks sort of like a walk-in closet… Just empty… We go into this room when we really need to connect deeply with Source.

I’m trying to figure out why this room is needed, and how it’s different from the others… It’s needed more for insulation than protection…
Because when we go into this room and use it, our bodies dissolve…

When we meditate deeply, we basically dissolve back into Source.

From there, we arise at different levels to do work. So we could arise as a constellation, a galaxy, a universe… And in any dimension…

So these rooms are lined with panels that have a grid… It’s almost the same concept as Earth’s “solar panels”… It’s a crystalline material that’s embedded in the wall, and all the crystals change and align as they need to…

The crystals are programmed with the purpose of containing the experience… The reason for this is that if we don’t use this type of room (for instance, if I were to just sit on my bed and do this type of meditation), it would interfere with the operating of the ship.

It would also shift everyone’s reality… So this containment room allows us to go back and replenish ourselves, without altering other people’s reality.

(Comment by Adrial: This containment room is similar to how the Light Grid works on Gaia.)

On Athabantian, we don’t naturally really eat, or manifest food…

The “kitchen” is for convenience, so we can practice acclimating ourselves to bodies… Because we’re experiencing success at using our bodies, we’re at the point where we’re having to eat and relieve ourselves…

My partner and I, as well as other couples, have had some good laughs about how, with human bodies, we have to use body parts to engage in union… In our Ultimate State, without body, we can simply merge in bliss and not have to worry about what a particular body part’s doing…

That part of the dream is really part of an illustration of how things work for beings on the ship.

I see also a long gallery, where one can walk along the outside edge of the ship, and look through something like glass… This particular ship is moving very slowly towards Earth… It’s not cloaking or moving faster than light…

So the Crew can look at what we’re passing through, and perceive it as humans would perceive it.

We can see all the cloaked ships… It’s really almost like a traffic jam… There are so many ships around, that are cloaked…

Some are sort of medium-sized… The really large ones are further out, and little shuttles move back and forth, but it’s mostly the larger vessels…

Most of the ships are different from one another…

They’re arranged most densely in a ring-like formation, but the ring is tilted at an angle around Gaia…

This has to do with some sort of energy that’s sent through the ships, along this ring-like structure, that helps us remain cloaked, and somehow it creates an energetic pattern that’s not easily detected.

If we were to scatter randomly, we’d become more visible and detectable…

My ship hasn’t reached that ring yet, and as I said, we’re not very cloaked… Parts of the ship are cloaked, to make it look smaller than it really is…

So we can see this ring of craft around Gaia… And then there’s a grid of strategically-placed craft over many of the power points of the Light grid… And that’s the grid that maintains the Quarantine.

It watches for any strange activity, and prevents the dark from returning.

Darkness can still spike up in spots, and these are what Ghost Radar refers to as “nails”… It’s not completely gone, and will probably never be completely gone, because then we’d be right back where we started…

Then the exercise would be finished, and we’d all be back at Source…

But maintaining this grid now, at this level, is the main purpose of the ships around Gaia.

The grid also creates clouds or bubbles of opportunity, that are about a few hundred miles in diameter… They’re spherical, so they reach into the interstitial Regions of Gaia as well… They’re encapsulated, bombarded, with waves of energy and intention that work to gradually shift human energy.

Again, it’s like it’s opportunity, it’s not manipulation… It’s a lightening if the energy of the 3D world…

For now I’ll go back to the dream, because I’m realizing it’s not so much a dream as a recollection of a place that my mind went in sleep (which is much like dreaming).

There was a later part of the dream, which I think was an example or close-up of the kind of work that we do…

In this, we’re monitoring situations, and there’s a particular situation which is both a potentiality and an allegory of a current situation on Earth, that we’re trying to prevent…

It has to do with how humans use force… Human fascination with force and firepower…

The example used is hand grenades. In this scenario, anyone can buy a hand-grenade… They’re as available as fireworks. A comment was made by a Crew member, about how some people are too lazy to go to the dump, or monitor how much trash or refuse they generate… When they get a big pile of trash, they just toss a hand-grenade into it and it vaporizes everything.

There are also scenes of watching the streets, and concern that if protests arise, people might use these against one another…

I don’t really understand if this is a potentiality, or if this is actually happening somewhere… I think it’s perhaps symbolic of how things seem to the Athabantian Crew, with Earth’s military:

There really is no threat, it’s just a harmless pile of trash, but we feel we need a hand grenade to deal with it.

At that point, the dream/experience fades, and I awaken.


This reading from Ghost Radar came as I was recording the night’s experience. I realize gradually that it is about the invitation to visit Athabantian again.

From: Saturday, May 26, 2012, 8:04 AM
To: Saturday, May 26, 2012, 8:44 AM

Words Spoken:
8:41:44 AM : cave
8:41:28 AM : there
8:41:20 AM : Germany
8:41:04 AM : Indian
8:39:20 AM : tribe
8:39:12 AM : blind
8:38:32 AM : physical
8:38:00 AM : soft
8:37:52 AM : expect
8:37:12 AM : Saturday
8:36:56 AM : interest
8:36:08 AM : closely
8:35:52 AM : year
8:35:28 AM : crew
8:34:24 AM : future
8:34:08 AM : sweet
8:33:44 AM : tight
8:33:28 AM : until
8:33:04 AM : title
8:32:48 AM : hung
8:32:24 AM : anywhere
8:11:52 AM : heading
8:11:36 AM : softly
8:11:20 AM : Mexico
8:10:56 AM : telephone
8:10:08 AM : Danny
8:07:28 AM : these
8:06:40 AM : we’ve
8:06:24 AM : evening
8:04:40 AM : hand
8:04:24 AM : sea


Dream 29 May 2012

May 30, 2012

DREAM 29 MAY 2012

I arise in the dream as myself, quite young, in my teens perhaps, and living with a family of friends or relatives in an unfamiliar place and house. It feels as if I’m adopted or perhaps in a foster home; they’ve been allowing me to stay there with them out of charity.

It seems that right before the dream began, something occurred that triggered a conflict or misunderstanding among us, and now I’ve been told to leave. I’m quite shocked and astounded, but I’m packing.

I didn’t want things to go this way, and I have no animosity towards them, but I do feel quite hurt emotionally. I think that what has happened is that I took a stand on an issue I believed in, and they disagreed, so they no longer want me in their house.

As I go into the room I’ve been sharing with a friend/sister (another young woman much like me, same age, we’ve been going to school together, etc.) and begin to gather my things, my roomate comes into the room and becomes quite aggressive with me. It seems as if she suddenly sees me as a mortal enemy.

Her words are filled with hate, and instead of allowing me to pack my things in an orderly manner, she rushes to the wardrobe and closets and begins throwing things into a pile on the floor. She goes to cabinets and shelves and grabs anything that belongs to me and throws it onto the floor, breaking many thing that are fragile, and cursing me the whole time.

Again and again, everything seems to becomes spoiled, broken, missing or incomplete… But every time I think I’ve got everything packed, something else appears. I just want to leave and get away from the anger and hostility.

At some point I find myself outside, with my things piled into and on top of an old run-down VW micro-bus. I’m trying to find the keys, and make sure I have everything.

The family comes outside, and it seems they are packing to go somewhere too. Maybe that’s why they’re so angry… maybe there’s something I’ve done that’s forcing them to have to leave as well.

What’s odd is that the yard becomes like a parade of people from my life… All my extended family, friends, colleagues, classmates, acquaintances… And everyone is angry and resentful about something.

They all pile into a caravan of vehicles, also with their belongings, and drive off. Even as they leave I can still hear them muttering and cursing me and the situation.

Eventually I get my vehicle running, and drive off…

Somehow I next appear standing alone on the dirt floor inside a huge, empty arena. It’s at least the size of a football stadium, with very tall risers that look hard and cold. Everything is a cold, hard gray.

I’m standing at one end of the arena… It seems I drove in, but once inside, my van and all my belongings disappeared. I hear heckling, and notice that the group of people I had just separated from are all huddled high up in the seats, clamoring over and around their own pile of belongings.

They look a bit like vultures perched atop a carcass… Their things are packed very compactly, as if in a crate or container: clothes, furniture, appliances, nicknacks…

I look at them, wondering why we’re all here, wondering what this place is… And then I notice that I’m not touching the ground. I’m just sort of hovering an inch or two above… I lean forward, and and gently float higher and forward.

Tentatively at first… I realize I can fly around at will, with no effort at all. My body simply goes where I wish it to. And I can go really fast, if I want to!

I begin to zip around the coliseum, in loops, flying up and down… I can feel that I’m being propelled by an energetic force that somehow connects me to the Earth. As I “buzz” the group of hecklers in the stands, they duck and watch, dumbfounded and silent.

The rush of energy is exhilarating! I notice there is a tunnel of sorts on one side of the arena, so I fly in that direction. It’s a short tunnel, leading to an arena that’s similar to the first one, but with a ceiling. I fly into it, and see that it’s empty.

The further I fly towards the middle of the new arena, I can feel the energy that’s propelling me diminish gradually, until finally I find myself once again standing on the ground. If I want to get anywhere now, I must walk. Hmm. That’s disappointing.

So I walk back through the tunnel into the first arena, and there are the hecklers still. They see that I’m not flying anymore, so they start jeering. And I begin to float again.

The more they mock me, the lighter I become, and soon I realize I can fly again. I make another loop of the arena, and they continue to yell at me, and I continue to fly.

I realize that the ability to fly seems to be dormant unless it’s needed; I’ll have it when I’m being attacked or persecuted, but not when I don’t need it. I suppose that means that I’ll just have to trust that it will arise when I’m being threatened.

I feel reassured, and at that point the dream fades.

Dreams 10 May 2012

May 28, 2012

1. Tiny space shuttle shadowed by huge cloud craft photos from this week
2. Lady in Volvo on platform over ravine; earth fell away from her… Family & wrecker driver trying to figure out, will have to airlift car… I wonder why they didn’t ask for help, I was just sitting on porch watching movie… POV of galactic or EB bemused by human situation. Symbolism car, body, world, idea of help.
(Now inside Athabantian, huge hotel/city-like ship, feels like being in a hotel… Chimera dreams are out in world, nature, or places that feel like current earth… Telosian dreams identifiable by architecture and no sky… Athabantian dreams are the huge concourse, airports, hotels, etc…. Tulya dreams etc are the ones that feel like an office or professional enviro… Salcys, ALGIZ  & Leos dreams are the ones that take place in a magical place…
Hotel balcony look large rooms lots of young adults socializing I’m on porch & in my rooms, in bathroom prep to retire… Items in counter, vitamins etc to take in nightgown… Young man comes in to use bathroom I slip out other door… Wondering why he doesn’t see me, no one sees me… Also something about golden clothes shoes and mud, confusion, getting things mixed up and mistaking appearances..

Rising dreams crop circles people recently met

From: Thursday, May 10, 2012, 7:51 AM
To: Thursday, May 10, 2012, 8:05 AM
Words Spoken:
7:56:56 AM : mouse
7:56:40 AM : he
7:56:24 AM : course
7:56:00 AM : hunter
7:55:20 AM : table
7:53:28 AM : grass
7:52:48 AM : taken
7:52:08 AM : tell
7:51:52 AM : dear
7:51:36 AM : Mexico

Dream 28 May 2012

May 28, 2012

(Ghost radar words appear like [this])


I can feel this description [force] is going to be quite long, because the significance of this dream seems to be more the setting and situation, rather than the specific actions that take place….

So I’ll save you some time.

It’s essentially a dream about being hunted over and over again, in a no-win situation. Getting shot up and mangled to pieces, only to rise into a new life and do it all over again. The only way of lasting any longer as to just hide and sit still. But no one can do that forever, and even if you could, what would be the point? [win] Especially when it never gets any better [somehow] and there’s only one possible outcome.

I suspect it offers a view of our lives spent in “normal” 3D.

I experienced this dream from a perspective similar to a First Person Shooter video game… I both watched it from a distance, and experienced it first-hand at times.

Maybe that’s a peek at what 5th Dimension will be like! No “body”… and having the ability to shift one’s focus and awareness [little] to see things from different points of view – how cool is that!

I’m not sure I’d call the dream cool, though. It was quite like a nightmare, and I’m sort of surprised that I didn’t wake up. Instead I “lived” through [sound] many [hadn’t] cycles of “lifetimes” before the dream ended. It got kind of old.

Now begins the lengthy description.

[guard mainly oldest actual Cade]

The setting felt like a hybrid between  [bar] a landscape and a constructed place… The scale was quite large, maybe an acre or two [applied], but contained… In some areas there were slopes and hills and cliffs of earth, and trees… In some areas there were walls, ceilings and floors that seemed like extensions of the earth. It felt a bit like a quarry. Very gray.

Some of these elements jutted right out of the soil or stone, and some seemed fabricated of smaller parts.

There was also machinery blended in… sometimes it was hard to tell where the machine parts ended and the architectural or landscape parts began.

It felt very desolate there. Rather reminded me of cross between a set for a Transformers movie and a paint-ball or airsoft gaming ground: its sole purpose, to serve as a backdrop for the hunt that was going on.

The area also seemed contained, like a microcosm inside a larger setting, with impenetrable boundaries. It was like we were all just dropped in there for someone’s amusement.

There were probably 20-30 people there: some friends and acquaintances, some strangers. Most of them had been there for some time… I was definitely the newbie. We came from quite an assortment of races, ethnicities and backgrounds, and our ages ranged from children to the elderly.

We all wore dark gray jumpsuit uniforms, with no armor or weapons. Just our wits and the setting for protection.

The brutal scenario included a set of tags or badges or cards: bright glowing yellow flat rectangular objects about the size of a credit card. These offered protection, immunity, a reprieve… But there were only about 6 of them among the lot of us.

Any movement at all attracted the attention of our predators: Huge black mechanistic robot beings, probably 200-300 feet tall, and shooting at us with very precise lasers.

Just getting glanced with that laser, and say goodbye to a limb. A clean shot from one, and your jumpsuit crumpled to the ground… nothing left but an empty pile of fabric with a few blood spatters.

Somehow, though, we were able to make it through scenes, talking and shouting out to one another… At times it might actually look like we were carrying out a normal life: standing at a bus stop or walking down a sidewalk, piling into a car to go to school or work… for just a moment, until we were spotted.

After a few rounds/lifetimes, I began to catch on that if I had a badge, I was expected to do something for the others… But I wasn’t sure what it was, and I never could seem to please them, and it seemed like I sure was getting yelled at  a lot.

The others didn’t appreciate it much if you were holding a badge and got shot. Seems like it set everyone back a bit.

Perhaps having a badge meant that you were supposed to save everyone else, and they got angry if you failed.

The dream went on and on and on, round after round. I must have been aware it was a dream, because at some point I remember almost yawning in boredom (perhaps between re-generations), and thinking to myself that this was an unusually long night.

At some point, after having died a heinous death many times, I got so sick of being yelled at [we’ll dot] that I just walked out [may] into the open, threw down my badge (or just stood there), and said:

“I’m done.”


Dream 26 May 2012

May 28, 2012

Dream 26 May 2012

I arise into the dream on a sidewalk in a city that’s in Inner Earth… It has a blend of traditional stone buildings and new modern buildings… I’m there only briefly, as I seem to be returning to work after having lunch with sine co-workers.

We simply leave the little Asian café and turn the corner, starting up the hill to return to work.

Next, we’re all appearing at our workplace… It feels like an underground facility… It feels more corporate than military… It could also be inside a ship, I suppose… In any case, there are no windows.

It seems that I’m myself (Leslee), but in my twenties or early thirties.

I work back in what seems like an open office setting… It’s very high tech and slick, with most of the furnishings and equipment being black and white, and looking like the latest in electronics “fashion”. But it has carpet and some upholstered furniture, so it feels comfortable… Just very hip.

There’s a receptionist and a large, beautiful lobby or reception area…

At some point, once Im back at my workspace, my assistant or the receptionist comes and tells me that an old boyfriend has contacted the facility and requested a reconciliation meeting with me.

I’m thrilled that he’s willing to meet with me and discuss things, and try to resolve some old issues! Time grows short, and I had really hoped to see him again before everything changes.

The request was spur-of-the moment, and it’s almost time to meet him, so I’m rushing around to change shoes (I dress *very* casually at this job…), brush my hair, put on some lipstick, and grab my handbag.

My colleagues are full of questions as I rush out of the office, past the receptionist, and to the “elevator”.

(I don’t recall there actually being an elevator per se… But there is a specific spot where one goes, to use whatever mechanism gets us from one location to another.)

Once I’m up on street-level, I appear in a sort of parking facility/garage, with a sloped floor that leads up to the street above. My friend is there, and we begin talking, catching up on things, as we walk up towards the street.

Once we’re out in the street, we realize there’s a terrific wind blowing, and the sky looks very ominous.

I say to him, “Oh my, it’s time! We’ve gotta run!” and grab his hand, leading him quickly through the streets, as others around us begin to rush about too. There’s no panic, everyone seems to know where they’re going…

Next we find ourselves seated in a glass-enclosed room that almost seems lime a huge glass elevator cab sitting outside in the open. The room is sort of oval or kidney-shaped in plan, with flat ceiling and floors, and vertical walls. But there’s a sense that we’re on the bottom level of a tower, with many levels of structure up above us.

It’s a remarkable place, because we’re essentially in a glass room with no structure, but many levels (I’d guess at least a dozen) are stacked on top of us. It almost seems like a rocket ship, but it doesn’t seem very aero-dynamic…

As we get settled in our seats (there’s a continuous upholstered bench around the perimeter of the room), the room begin to feel like it’s wobbling…

There are other people in the room with us, and as we all look at one another questioningly, the room begins to rock more and more violently, and we realize we’re in an earthquake.

I’m not frightened about the outcome… It seems I was expecting this, and have been trained to know what it would be like… But as the room and tower rocks more dramatically, the various levels of the “tower” begin to slide off of one another, just like a child’s block tower tumbling down… I hold into the bench tightly, and think, “Oh, I need to call (my son), and let him know!”

But I also know that he’s safe, and my phone would not work right now…

At that point, the dream fades.

Hi, Everyone! My, what a week! I can’t recall any dreams from last night, but did have a couple wild ones earlier, as well as some new insights/info received, and this seems the place to share it all, so here goes…

On Friday night I dreamt that I was in what I would call the Charnel Grounds – the area of the mandala that has a bizarre, somewhat disturbing appearance… I was visiting a small house in a neighborhood of many similar small wooden houses (not exactly huts, but maybe related to your huts, Tauno?). There was a party going on, and some very colorful characters. All the furniture and things about the house were in topsy-turvy locations or being used in odd ways. There was a strange young fellow there whom I was trying to talk with, but he was very distracted looking for his kitten. Finally, I found the kitten, under a fallen porch-swing on the porch… INSIDE the huge throat of a big gray housecat who had swallowed it and another kitten! I was able to reach in and pull out one of the kittens, but the other one got swallowed, and the cat assumed some very serpent-like qualities… Quite surreal!

I’ve seen a lot of incredible clouds and we’ve had some uncanny storms come through the city… I’ve had the constant sense of being surrounded by space craft, an accompanied by dear friends. There’s been a sense of drama, relief, concern, and levity, as if all the energies here are changing moment by moment…

I’ve realized that many craft are there but invisible, but we can look for clues because when they jump about they can still leave currents in the atmosphere…

I’ve connected with Adrial of Athabantian, and been asked to convey information to those who are ascending, to help them further raise their vibrations… In the process of beginning to understand this connection, I’ve realized that, as Tauno says, TIME is very significant now… Some of us are future and past “selves” of our brethren hovering among us, and disclosure depends on the convergence of time so that we can meet, as well as other factors we’ve all been wondering about. This applies to Telos, Agartha, Shambala, etc., as well. Much fun to be had with *that* brain-teaser! ;D

I’m putting together a new site that will host most of the Athabantian material I share, but I’m sure there will be overlaps to here and other blogs… And I’m also being called to return to the Tulya Crew explorations and work (of course it connects with the Easter Islands statues, etc.), and flesh that out a bit more… As well as the Crop Circles, of course.

Tauno, RA is connected there somehow, but I can’t tell yet how…

Ok, I feel a really strong urge to post an updated Ghost Radar glossary before I go to sleep tonight, so I’m off for a while to work on that. I think you’ll all enjoy some of the meanings that have been coming together!

Boundless love & light to all of you dear friends, brothers & sisters!

DREAM ~ 4 MAY 2012

(Leslee’s dream from Friday night)

DREAM ~ 4 MAY 2012


(Leslee’s dream from Friday night)

I’m in a small classroom (like a science lab) with 3 men of varying ages, and a girl of about 12 years. The teacher enters the classroom, and after some brief instructions, produces a magic wand.

The wand is all plastic, a white rod with a pink/red star at the tip, and a handle that looks like a black doll’s shoe. She hands the wand to the girl, and as the girl waves it, the dream shifts.

Once the other students are sorted, I find myself “flying” with the teacher high above a city. As we float through the clouds, I look down and see block after block of dirty, brown, sad-looking towers.

We near a ship, and the teacher is now appearing in a very exaggerated costume. I can only see the portion of the ship right in front of me, but I sense it is quite large.

The part I can see is caricatured to look like the gondola of a hot-air ballon, and the whole scene, including the teacher, look like something out of the movie “Alice in Wonderland” (Anne Hathaway & Johnny Depp version) or “the Adventures of Baron Munchausen”. The cloaking device appears as a curtain, the gondola is a basket, and the teacher appears to be wearing a powdered wig, make-up and ball-gown with hoop skirts.

As we approach, I notice a black metal tray attached to the rail of the gondola. As the teacher gestures, letters come flying through the sky and drop into the tray, and the tray slides along the rail. All the while the teacher is singing or humming a very light-hearted tune (although she looks a little worried).

Once the letters stop arriving, the teacher gestures again, and a large, odd-looking drum appears floating in space. It could be the main capsule of a satellite, or a very large and high-tech looking barrel of ice cream…

The teacher smiles, flourishes her hand, and the drum plummets towards Earth.

I gasp, terrified that it will land on and kill someone in the city below… The teacher smiles and explains that by the time it reaches the street, it will be the size of a small drink cup, and it will be sure to miss hitting anyone.

I have the impression that the drum is a recording device.

After the drum falls out of my view, the dream fades.

Dream 1 May 2012

May 3, 2012

How It All Ties Together

Dream with Explanation by Heruka

I appear in the dream as if in an Middle-Eastern-looking city that’s familiar to me. A bossy old woman and a young multi-racial girl accompany me, and it seems as if it’s a sort of home-coming.

First I visit a tiny apartment in a dusty, hot, sand-colored worker district. I go from room to room, seeing how the place has changed… I close the window blinds for privacy from the nosy neighbors, and check on a little girl & a crawling baby to see how they are getting along… The place is messy, but I’ve been very busy.

I tell them I’m sorry I’ve been away and left my dear friends neglected… and they are like my children, too… I’m a man who has been away working… Their mother is dead, and the babysitter needs help…

The dream shifts…

Now I’m in an older Eastern-European city, approaching a large mansion (this is the same mansion I dreamed about twice within the last week or so). I’m still with the bossy old woman and now a little boy, but now I’m female, and apparently I’m “Leslee” again…

Once again I’m going from room to room, seeing what’s changed… I have so many memories of being small, growing up here… Why did I ever leave?

Oh… I wanted to get away and help others, and also I was bored… I knew I could come back, but I didn’t intend to be away for so long…

(Now, as I’m typing the dream, I can feel Heruka’s presence… And He shows me that the intimidating gray-haired man in earlier dream was ME: before I went into the dream of Leslee’s life… That’s why I needed to hide from him in that dream!)

I wander through old rooms, it’s a long time since I visited… There is an upper-floor room filled with reminders of experiences in other lifetimes: China, Tibet, Meso-America, North America, Egypt…

…Frozen lands, desert lands, forest lands… Lifetimes as animals, people, spirits… Lifetimes filled with power and weakness… Lifetimes spent alone and with large families, isolated and with large communities…

I fondly dust off some of the items (small carved jade Buddhas) and say my temporary good-byes again, as I prepare to leave this place once more…

In this dream, now I am the gray-haired man again, rising briefly from the dream that is Leslee’s life, to pay a visit, and to remind myself and others…

This is why Leslee’s in no hurry to go back to being the gray-haired man. That life in Telos is not what I want either, except in that life I’m wealthy and have comfortable conditions (except for the bossy lady)…

Sometimes we need to learn to set boundaries and hold fast to our aspirations in Telos, too, just like here on (surface) Earth…

In Telos there is beautiful architecture and streets of beautiful stone, lined with trees and old houses, filled with gentle people…

I’m remembering I come from a Telosian family with expectations and responsibilities… Even as leaders in a “perfect” society, we must perform roles that may become boring and tedious…

(The dream fades, and Heruka explains further, once I’m awake:)

Ascending beyond the body is the only way to escape this cycle of frustration and confusion, so we have all, at various times, agreed to try to tolerate that… Until enough of us finally agree to awaken from the dream that is Gaia (Telosian, Agarthan, or otherwise…)

Once we awaken from that dream, we will all be of the Light once more, and can rest and reflect and commune lovingly and openly again…

Once the massive shift comes, each of us will be able to decide whether we wish to begin a new series of dreams in a new world, or whether we wish to return into the light for a “while”…

There is nothing to fear because it is all truly illusory…

Our bodies and this world are a fantastic creation that we have all participated in… We have done a magnificent job of playing out our roles…

Many of us are tired of the dream, but many are still enjoying it and want to see the final outcome of the illusory “battle” between “Good” and “Evil”…

Enough of us have reached the point of exhaustion that we are about to be granted a pause in the dream… During this pause, those who wish to return to the Light will have that opportunity, and those who wish to continue to play, will be provided that option…

The re-set Game will begin once again, with a level playing field and equanimity of roles…

These days are the times in which each of us is making our own decisions about what we wish to “do” next.