Currently, I simply use this site to log my dreams, and seldom in chronological order. If you’re a guest, you may want to use the categories to find posts by date. Thanks!

September 11, 2011

For now, this is a space of recording dreams. It will all tie together soon.


Update 29 March 2013

Over the past couple months, I’ve come to better understand and what this site is about… I suspect…

For one thing, it now contains both dreams and journal entries that seem worth sharing.

Since December 12 2012, it feels like my dreams have carried a different energy, and I’m experiencing more recurring themes than I can recall (since the mid-1980’s).

I’ve seemed to travel to and meet with beings from other worlds more than before.

In my waking world, I’m physically and electronically meeting more people who share a deep connection and a strong wish to experience a new world. I think/hope some of the dreams I share here might offer insights and encouragements that lead towards this new reality gradually arising.

I’m still wondering why I was given the name “Bandaid Buddhist: Until the Karma Heals”. At the moment three thoughts come to mind.

Perhaps “Bandaid Buddhist” refers to my personal understanding that Buddhist thought and practices come closer (than anything I’ve found in this world) to describing the cosmology I experience. However, for many Westerners, “Buddhism” carries an objectionably religious connotation. Also, few Westerners have access to the Teachings and Guides that can really give us qualified insight. So, while Buddhism certainly offers much, for most of us in these times, it’s a bit of a “band-aid” in light of the healing we really need to experience.

“Until the Karma Heals” reminds me that everything we experience arises from causes and conditions that we bring upon ourself. I believe this refers to many views, ranging from the simple “cause and effect” view to the concept of “life contracts”, to a view that we are actors in an illusory play that we ourselves have written and direct, and beyond. Sometimes it feels like we’re stuck here in this crazy place until we manage to work out our “issues”, or karma.

Thirdly, the blog name makes me smile. It sounds silly and contradictory, and for me to accept it as a title required adopting a light-hearted view.

In some ways, this last reason is my favorite, and I think may hint at an essential ingredient to our experiencing a blissful world: you gotta laugh.

Currently I don’t tag the posts here, so if you just happened to stumble upon them, hmmmm….

If you find some things here that are of value to you, then thank you for stopping by, and that’s wonderful!

Leslee Hare

(By the way, most of these are posted after I’ve written them in my journal, and there’s no telling in what sequence they’re likely to appear on the blog. If this makes you crazy, please scroll down and try using the categories to get a more chronological listing.)


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