Dream 27 May 2013

May 27, 2013

I’m at a work-session party with a large group of friends. It’s a bit like a reunion, because many of us had not seen each other for a long time, or at least it felt that way. We were both catching up with one another on what we had been doing, and talking about what lies ahead.

Many of the group had “returned” to this place to stay for a while and rest; perhaps even until the end of that lifetime, because our assignments had been arduous. Also, even though we had been away for some time, our bodies appeared to be quite young – again or still, depending in our circumstances – as if we were 18-20 years old.

I had mentioned to a few people that I was going out again on another assignment (this is quite parallel to my moving to Florida in this waking life). I spent some more time inside visiting with friends, and then went outside to sit and talk quietly with a few people.

The place felt like it was in night-time, because the ambient light levels were quite low. It also felt like evening energy, with things winding down and settling. Although our group was fairly lively and chatting, we seemed to be the only ones who were that active in the area. It had a feeling as if most people had closed down for the evening and gone home, but we were all staying and lingering.

I could sense buildings, trees, lawns and other plants, and the place felt peaceful, just a bit eerie. Like a quiet in-between place. The setting and people for the most part felt much like suburban America. I was mildly bored.

As I was sitting there outside, a young man whom I knew from “long ago” approached me and asked if we could walk and talk awhile. We left the group, and as he put his arm around my shoulder, I put mine around his waist.

We walked away from the group, and he did most of the talking while I listened. We had known each other for some time, and although we had been familiar, our relationships had been more like acquaintances than close friendships or partnerships.

He was telling me that he wished we could spend more time together before I leave… Preferably romantically, to see if we were compatible enough to enter into a long-term relationship. He had wanted to ask me about this for several assignment cycles, but had never had a chance.

(I realize as I’m typing that this was a between-lifetime dream (link to AAE), and that) He was asking if we could plan to meet together in the next lifetime/assignment.

As we walked and he talked, I listened, and tuned into his energy to see if I could tell what that kind of relationship might be like with him. I was also reminded of a conversation I had a few years ago in waking life, with a fellow I had known when I was a teenager. Although this fellow reminded me faintly of the same person energetically, I felt he was a different being, and they had slightly different physical aspects, although he did appear somewhat Caucasian.

I continued to listen, and was wondering how to respond, because I had already committed to this new assignment, so any plans we made would need to either be long-term, or he would need to make arrangements to join me on this assignment. I felt agreeable to his suggestion, but my first priority was to the assignment, and it was to begin soon.

In our stroll we approached a building that looked like an empty shopping mall or market, and it felt like it also housed other facilities like conference rooms or classrooms. It was a low, rambling building with many wings and branches. I realized that I wanted to find a restroom, so we went inside. We had walked for a few moments when a person who looked a bit like a security guard approached. This person was wearing a uniform and helmet, and was riding an apparatus that looked a bit like a Segway (a motorized platform to stand on and propel oneself), and appeared to be Asian.

We asked if there was a restroom nearby, and this being (who seemed quite androgynous) led us towards some restrooms that seemed to be in the back of a closed restaurant. The whole building seemed very dark and quiet for the night.

The restrooms had a few toilet rooms to choose from. They all seemed a bit cluttered, and the equipment and furnishings in them seemed to vary from room to room, and none were very familiar to me.

Apparently I found what I needed at the restroom, because next I remember rejoining my friend and we continued our walk. The security guard seemed to have left, so we walked further down the concourse of the building we’d entered.

We passed through a pair of doors, and found ourselves in a brightly-lit, bustling center of activity. It’s as if we had wormholed into a new place and landed right in the middle of the kitchen in a Korean restaurant!

The people there looked different from us: a little shorter with sturdier bodies, and squarish heads with Oriental features. They also seemed to be all talking at once, calling and shouting to one another, exchanging orders and passing in information.

There were all kinds of noodle and pasta dishes being prepared, with sauces and vegetables, and everything looked really delicious! Hot steamy pots and strainers and plates of food being served up, with the “customers” right there in the same place…

I wanted to stay and get something to eat, but we realized we needed to get back to the group we had left. We made our way through the restaurant and left through the opposite pair of doors.

At this point the dream faded and I awoke.


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