Dream 22 May 2013

May 22, 2013

Asked to go to Vesu, meet those who could help me understand Vesu, and learn about my role in Vesu.

Dream of meeting with a very beautiful woman, discussing roles, education… Finishing conversation, meeting Grace, time to leave… Start to walk thru beautiful neighborhood with her, then realize I don’t recall where I parked, how I arrived. Not sure where to go next.

I walk around a bit, make no progress, finally find a man I can ask for help: I don’t know where I parked? He senses my frustration. Since it’s getting late, sun going down, he suggests I just stay for the night and things will better clear in the morning.

I go with him and sit to wait for someone to meet me and take me to accommodations. There are two men, one with African features and one looks more Caucasian, although he’s quite tanned. Both appear about 50 years old, and have very short hair that’s partly gray. I feel deeply resonant with both of them.

Tanned man is there, lying on soft platform I’m sitting on, nestled against me as I sit, and I affectionately stroke his hair. This feels nice, but I also have heart-centered business with the dark-skinned man, so I wonder how things will go when he arrives. I have “business” to take care of with both of them.

The scene shifts slightly. I’m still in the same place, but am now sitting and looking at a box that is an electronic component. Reminds me of Steve and Susan’s computer. We have finished working on it, repairing and supplementing it, and it’s reassembled. I intend to take it with me when I return, and there is a small clear plastic plate that needs to be screwed down tightly over a yellow tab so that it covers a very tiny memory card slot. I’m trying to tighten the screw using my fingernail, but a screwdriver would work much better. Since there’s not one handy, I go sit down and chat with two men I understand I’ll be working with, who are from Vesu. One of them is physically present, and the other one seems aetheric rather than physical.

End of dream.


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