Gathering at the Pond – 15 May 2013

May 15, 2013

[palace hold zero]

Preparing to sit for the meditation, I could hear, very deep within, a continuous OM chant… I knew it was the Gathering.

When I sat and closed my eyes, I saw a swirling ocean of tiny golden points of light, in all dimensions… Like swirling fractals, ranging from tiny pin-dots to larger marble-sized orbs… All swirling…

There was a surface, like the surface of water (the Pond?)… The lights above the surface swirled counter-clockwise (looking up from the center point), the lights below swirled in the opposite direction… They danced and swept around so beautifully! And they were all connected by thin gossamer threads, glowing faintly in a deep blue-violet void.

I was aware of floating on the surface, buoyed there by a big belly, like a mother about to give birth. My feet dangled into the water below, and my toes could barely touch a small blue-green sphere that was suspended in the water. It was this planet.

I looked around me, and realized I was holding hands with others who were also floating on the surface, as if between two worlds. We each had many arms, spread out in the surface of the water, fingers just touching, forming another web.

Then I realized the water we floated in was a sphere also, and each of us was touching the small sphere with our toes. We smiled at one another, and began to sort of dance with our toes, and the sphere began to spin. Everything was incredibly blissful…

The web of light and ourselves solidified into a sort of sponge -like structure, made of light that felt solid. I could see tiny bits of foreign material caught in the web… Bits of black flotsam… Trapped but not harming. Contained.

There were three moments at which darkness seemed to encroach from the outside… It felt like picking at the tiny black bits drew the darkness near. But each time, the light quickly extinguished the darkness and the dance continued, never pausing.

Then at some point, gray craggy cliff-shaped crystalline rocks seemed to form, and these also drew energy from the light. Again they were transmuted, turning into purple, orange and golden cups in crystalline forms, holding glowing golden-orange liquid.

Finally, the image seemed to coalesce into an underwater scene, like looking at stellar clouds (like we see coming from the Hubble telescope) of cosmic dust through the beauty of pure ocean water. Dreamy and ephemeral…

The images faded, and I arose from meditation.


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