Dream 6 May 2013 – second dreaming

May 7, 2013

Sirian ship (GLS Salcys): cockpit borrowing: message, word pool? two circles oo’s with blue glyphs inside like moon phases; light blue bar in red box; stars outside… gunnery turret used for meditation pod


3 Responses to “Dream 6 May 2013 – second dreaming”

  1. Laron Says:

    I had a dream of being in a ship the other night. It was a mix of real memories and a few things filling in the gaps I think. Its not the first time I have dreamed of something like that.

    • lesleehare Says:

      Thanks, Laron, your commenting reminds me that I haven’t gone back and fleshed this one out yet with the details…

      Did you remember, from your dream, anything about water or did the ship perhaps seem like it could have been underwater or filled with water?

      And do you know that on STC we try to meet in dreamtime every Saturday night? Here’s a link to this week’s thread: http://spirittrainchronicles.com/2013/05/08/galactic-lightship-dreamflights-11may2013/

      I sense there’s really strong connection between some of the things we’ve been talking about, and this material I found by Aseorkha: http://aseorkha.wordpress.com/. I’m not sure yet what the connection is, though…

      I’m trying to tie together some loose ends and find where I put some notes, but it seems like there was a post you made that matched, almost to the date, a correlation with a dream I had at the same time. Geez, I scramble to make notes when I can, and they end up on my phone, my computer, in my journal, online…

  2. Laron Says:

    That dream I mentioned, all I could remember was that I was in the command center/cockpit/’bridge’ area of this ship and there was a problem getting enough power for various systems to come online.

    I remember that they had to get some systems online so that they could travel and navigate to specific locations. I remember being impressed about this technology and how they could go so far to an exact location… I don’t remember ET’s or anything alien related, but I think it was a mix of something real and my … minds dream memories filling in things.

    Here is a blog from august last year about a meditation showing me a spaceship,

    I am not aware of the lightship meeting thingy. I will take a look at your link.

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