Dream 5 May 2013 – first dreaming

May 7, 2013

I’m walking with a male friend, on a concrete roof, the top level of a parking deck… Bright sun, there are other low buildings and a park nearby. We approach a light blue pickup truck, it’s the one we were looking for. I open the door to look for something in the glove box, and my companion yells out. he says the truck is booby-trapped, there’s a bomb under the hood, and I only have 15 seconds to disarm it! I rush to tear open the dashboard to access the wires I need to disconnect. I think to myself, There’s no way I can do this in 15 seconds!

I notice, however, that 15 seconds in this setting is MUCH longer than 15 seconds in the waking world…

I start to run away from the truck, expecting the bomb to detonate… my companion runs with me, then starts laughing like a teenage boy who’s just successfully played a practical joke.

I stop and look at him. “You would make a joke like that, with a bomb planted? Don’t ever do that again! Was their even really a bomb?

He continues to laugh. From the truck comes a faint sound like a click. My companion says, “Oh yeah! Why, that was the biggest explosion to occur in this parking deck in last hour and a half!”… Not funny.

Still I have my bag with tools, I was prepared… What happened before? As I’m calming my anger, I receive telepathically an article about a fire, a bomb at the coast,instead of where I am… I can see that too, a man was killed, someone I knew. The scene I see looks a lot lime the explosion and fire last week in West, Texas US.

I leave the male companion and walk around. Getting to know the place, I take a tour of shops, houses, a horseshoe-shaped road, with thin metal fences.

Sitting at a bar in a coffee shop with a woman, we’re exchanging gifts… Scarves, choosing colors… I’m given a small tin with tiny gifts: soft capsules, sponges…? Candies? They Seem a bit like crackers, crisps… I give her a hug of thank you, what can I give in return?

She tells me she already has a gift I gave her before… hers was thanking me (red hair?)

Road, car… Getting acquainted…

End of dream.

(The first part of this dream left me feeling uneasy. I had requested another meeting with Isintha, and I was disturbed by the bomb motif. No war, no terror. Not in the world I inhabit. If this was a Sirian theme, then I want nothing to do with it. I sense there are more layers of complexity to the imagery, so I resolved myself to let it go for now, until I had more opportunities for further interactions.)


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