Dream 5 May 2013 – second dreaming

May 7, 2013

Waking with connection to Isintha: water, white script on screen. Like a mixture of Arabic and Sanskrit or Tibetan: fluid like Arabic, yet even more compact than Tibetan. I realize I’m borrowing… I’m seeing through Isintha’s eyes. The atmosphere is liquid. Dark blue. Cockpit. Faint fluorescent yellow- green lights flowing on monitors.

I leave the cockpit and travel along a tunnel… I realize I’m with Lumintha. Hallways, like huge tubes. The top half of the tube is filled with air, and creatures float and fly through it. The bottom half is split lengthwise: half of it is solid floor, and the other half, alongside the floor, is water, a canal. Lumintha swims in the water, I walk alongside… together, we’re traveling traveling swiftly… In a ship.

I see Mikos on the platform again… Floating on surface of water. In need of healing. Agnès is fine. Healing on behalf of world…

I feel disoriented, too choppy, so much coming so fast, can’t even decide who I want to meet, discuss with… Heruka?

Better at this moment, for this info, to meet with someone with a body. What body? None of us have bodies… What IS a body?

Someone I might meet in this body.

Glöethe? Adca? Mikos? Iltheos? Can’t think of others, there are so many…

You’re showing me so much, it’s not coherent…

Inner Earth. Glöethe, the King of the World, with a tablet of shimmering gold crystals, like brilliant radiant pyrite… Set in a blue and purple stone base, shaped like a lectern… I hear my Earth-mother’s voice, just a brief, garbled phrase. How do we recognize? How are these connected? Connection between Earth, Inner Earth, Arcturians, Sirian vessel? Oracle.

Next I’m taken to a pentagonal shallow pool: shallow blue-green water over worn gray-white marble plinth with a wavy surface, that nearly fills the shape of the pool. The pool has deeper edges so others can walk or swim around the plinth in the center. Asintotha taking over, to calm and explain. Step back for bigger picture. Just float and rest.

I want to know about GCE, changes… What can best help us prepare? Why does it have to be ships? Where will this polarization end? How can I help?

End of dream.

(I’m not sure if this was a dream, a vision, or an astral travel…)


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