Dream 26 March 2013

March 26, 2013

(Abiquor, manifesting physical, house with elevated fence, multiple family connections, parallel lives, no effort wasted)

Backyard looking at house with disappointment, so ordinary… Up high big wooden box. Someone built it.

I recall designing houses and buildings, and feeling frustration over not seeing them arise as built objects.

In my dreamspace, my reality shifts and after a pause, I find myself with an awareness of hovering just above a grassy ground, beneath the canopies of several very large oak trees. I sense I’m in a backyard. I look up into the branches and leaves of the tree to my right, and to my wonder, see wooden planes of a built structure. It appears to hover above the treetop, and as I step back, out from under the tree limbs, I can see it more clearly.

Someone has built one of the very houses I had been working on previously.

I hover for a moment, admiring the materials and craftsmanship, and awed by its scale. It’s much larger than what I had envisioned.

The house proper sits in the ground, a fairly straightforward box with two or three floors and a gabled roof – fairly standard. From the back of the house extends a fence. But this is a pretty unusual fence.

It’s made of logs and slats of wood, alternating in size and type. The big ones look and feel like trunks of medium-sized cedar trees: shaggy thin bark, lots of small limbs evenly spaced and cut off. In between these, smaller trimmed slats, also of pale wood, create spaces between the logs. In between all are slight gaps, and the whole assembly seems to hold together magically. No fasteners, wires, or glue in sight.

This fence forms a huge rectangle, with it’s back corner attached to the house. However, from the house it lifts itself up into the sky at a sharp angle, and a bit skewed. At one of the raised corners, nearest me, rests a post that either supports it or ties it to the ground. It’s hard to know which, because in either case, in this waking world, that post would not function. This post stands taller than the tremendous oak tree nearby. The fence poles are easily as tall as the top of the house’s roof.

At this point my awareness floats at the level of the treetops, and I rise even higher, seeing the entire property the house sits on. It’s a small farm, with fenced pens, gardens and animals. I notice the irregular shape of the boundary fences; the property is wedged in between other farms and a steep hillside, a predominately triangular layout.

I know that the house next door either belongs to me or is where I began this part of the dream. It carries a sense of origin, and also references a deep, vague sadness.

My perception zooms quickly in towards the house with the floating fence, and I find myself somehow inside.

Mother and baby playing in soft hay… She tosses him up high, lying in a loft in the box of the house. Acres, farm…

As I type, I’m not sure whether I’m inside the house, or a space that exists within the fence. Everything blends and overlaps at this point, with scenes and people beginning to merge. There’s a great room, very open and vast, and I don’t recall seeing any furniture. My attention goes to a beautiful young mother with thick wavy blonde hair, bouncing a laughing infant in her lap. They’re nestled in a large structure that looks like a hugely over-sized manger. Tilted wooden planes cradle them, towering beyond them as if they were the size of mice. They’re sitting amidst a big pile of hay or grass. It’s very soft, clean and fresh. the scene exudes comfort and joy. The baby laughs, and I notice his bottom is padded with lichen. It’s unclear whether the lichen is lining his pants like a diaper, or is somehow simply clinging to his behind like clothes.

They both look quite happy and healthy, and as the mother laughs, I notice that her teeth do not extend all the way to the back of her jawbones. It doesn’t look as if they are missing, those are just all she has. (I heard for the first time a night it two ago about a group of beings who’s DNA is coded for 24 teeth, whereas most toothed beings in Earth have 32.) There’s a strong awareness of the fathers presence, although he’s nowhere to be seen at the moment.

Father with tears another lost baby

The scene shifts and blends again. It feels like I’ve moved next door, to the “house of origin”. I’m looking through a series of images, like an aetheric photo album. I’m seeing the story of a family, in particular a father.

Several images show this man at various points in the family’s life. He has thick black curly hair, cut to just above his shoulders. His skin is fair and his eyes are green. His face reminds me a bit of the actor Tom Hanks, but this is clearly a different person.

It’s a poignant story I’m seeing: sequences of him dealing with emotions over a series of babies lost at birth. Great sadness, too much sorrow for one being to bear. Feelings of helplessness and loss, mixed with deep love for his partner.

I understand that this man is somehow connected to the woman and baby in the previous scene, but from different lifetimes than I’m seeing here. I also understand that I am closely connected to them all as well, and this connection also extends to my son in this present life.

School with 3rd years learning to hit ball? Thinking of older kids, how skillful they’ve become

After viewing these images, I find myself back “outside”, on a playground or athletic field. I’m watching a small group of children in their third year of school, leaning to swing a bat and hit a ball. The bat looks a bit like a very long cricket bat, and has carved markings that remind me if Maori tattoos. I’m smiling fondly to watch them, and see their delight when they manage to hit the ball. There are about four teachers and maybe a dozen students.

An awareness of a similar previous scene accompanies my watching this one, and I see myself noting silently how young this class seems compared to the one I worked with last. At the same time, I reflect on how much that previous class grew and developed, and I know this young class will accomplish this also. It seems I’ve been involved with these classes or this school for quite some time; I reflect on many classes I’ve known.

Hug from Teacher? Pat on back, talking about that extra weight that won’t go away.

I recall another scene from this sequence, although I’m not sure how it fits in. It feels like it takes place “backstage” of these other experiences, underlying them all. There’s an awareness that unifies and threads through each one, and others unremembered.

I see myself (“Leslee”) standing beside a much-loved teacher, who gives me a warm hug. This being pats me on the back, and smiles, knowing that has drawn my attention to my body in this life. I’m told not to worry about the extra weight on my back. It will fall away once certain things are cleared and resolved; not to worry.

Job is to design; other lives enact

When I awoke, I asked about these dreams, particularly the one about the large house and family images. I’m shown that it’s most beneficial that I continue doing what I’m doing, and trust that my intentions and actions here produce results that are felt elsewhere. This holds for all of us, that our thoughts, words and actions ripple throughout the universe, forming and informing things we may not perceive just yet.

I’m also told: “Nothing is wasted, remember your other selves and take comfort.”

Inspired by reading about Tulpa, dream yoga, Sambogakaya

Meditate going to sleep, golden cord from pineal to throat…

I tried this practice again. And dissolved somewhere during this concentration.

Add GR words

Bed at 12:30, alarm at 6 then 7, dream between 6 & 7. I think I’m seeing a pattern of having meaningful drams during this second phase of sleep. For me, getting 7 hours of sleep is optimal, in that it seems the subsequent sleep has a purpose other than obtaining rest for the body. Last night I got less than this, but I’ve also noticed significant shifts lately in my need for and hours of sleep. I spent last week fighting this, trying to nudge myself back I to a pattern I going to bed earlier and sleeping more, but my body simply wouldn’t comply. It wasn’t as if my mind was racing, there just seemed to be energy flowing through my body that kept it awake. The only unpleasant part was my expectation that it go differently.

Walking outside to go to work, snowflakes falling…

Don’t have to be IN Abiquor for it to manifest.


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