Dream 7 March 2013

March 7, 2013


(Assalara, firmament, grid, reading device, being located)

Dream 7 March 2013

I’m in a laboratory, talking with a “woman”, a being with mostly feminine energy. This means (to me) a manner that’s gentle, firm, clear, and nurturing. Very knowledgeable and wise. I enjoy being with “her”. She appears to have a body, and if I give her a human aspect, the she seems to have a 1960’s hairdo: bobbed, flipped, teased & frosted… I realize now while waking: Big Hair = A’BeyYa Sufa. Bye Ya. It’s A’BeyYa Sufa, Beautiful Light. And I realize she’s part of Oracle too, so she and Iltheos are connected. More on this later.

She’s explaining some devices to me… We are up in the ship above Earth, and she’s explaining the new Firmament. I can’t recall many details about this, but after the explanation, she “sends” me to a future-earth-like world for a demonstration.


I’m walking down a narrow market street lined with old stone or stucco buildings, 2-3 stories high. It feels like the Middle East, Egypt or North Africa… Dry and sandy, hot but lovely. I run into a friend from Turkey, and we chat briefly. Things are going well for him. He asks what I’m up to, and I point up to the sky. We can see, overlaid onto the bowl of the heavens, a grid of lines… Thin and sketchy… Fairly far apart… Almost like a metal grille, and drawn with a style I’ve been using to model Abiquor in SketchUp. Otherwise the sky is a very pale blue, with thin wisps of hazy clouds.

We part ways and I go sit in a café to have a cup of coffee and look at the device Bye’Ya gave me. It looks a lot like small digital reading device: rectangular, thin & flat, with a border around the screen.

The image on the screen is “live”, in “real-time”, and looks a lot like a satellite image. I can zoom in and pan around and find any location – on the surface – I wish. Overlaid on the live image is the same grid that appears above in the sky. I realize the two are synchronized. (Dream fades)

As I’m writing, several thoughts come together. Somehow, related to the Firmament… It’s both a protective “net” and a coordinate system.

A couple weeks ago, my guides mentioned in a message channeled by a friend that because I move around so much – between cities and within cities – they don’t always know where I am. They said they could connect with me more if they could find me more easily, and I saw an image of how to connect, send out a signal. I understand now that their suggestion relates to the Firmament, interacts with this grid. It also uses a crystal. Carry a crystal with you; you’ll know which kind/one.

To clarify, I’m beginning to understand that we have so many types of guides… Of course the Fully Enlightened Beings (the ones I call “Buddhas”) are anywhere and everywhere at once, and we can connect with them at any time, anywhere. Force fields and lead screens don’t get in Their way. These I’m pretty familiar with.

I’m still getting acquainted with my guides who appear to behave in ways that conform to some “Laws of Nature” (whatever those may be). I suspect these guides can help us in more “material” ways, yet they need interactions with and info from us. When we reach out to them, through spoken/sung requests or physical actions, they can better interact with us and our circumstances.

The world has changed. Yes, rogue elements still monitor and try to interfere with “conditions” here, but now they can only use the power we give them.

The Firmament helps stabilize and connect.


12 Responses to “Dream 7 March 2013”

  1. Laura Says:

    Thank you Leslee for this! and for the firmament note! this is so nice 🙂 and i love your drawings !! 🙂 xxoxoxo

  2. Laura Says:

    Reblogged this on Here and Now and commented:
    From Leslee Hare 🙂

  3. Laron Says:

    Important dream memories you have managed to recall. Thanks for sharing this.

    I have this scheduled to post tomorrow on my blog, transients.info along with some additional information around the importance of dreams at this time, from my personal feeling and opinion.

    • lesleehare Says:

      Hiya. Troy! Okay, I finally found the time to try and figure out what you found there…And I’m still scratching my head… 🙂 Is this an emblem about a mission to build a Firmament? Sign me up!

      • Created by Shepard Fairey, the same guy who did the iconic red/blue Obama poster. A badge for a recent space station mission. But what does the grid have to do with anything? How about those beams? What does any of that have to do with a space station? And how about that tagline, eh? 😀 So they’re bringing magic down from space? How are they doing that? Hmmmmm…

        I’m not sure what this is *intended* to represent, but I think this does seem be have some connection to either HAARP, the “firmament”, or leylines, etc… what else could it be?

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