Dream 20 January 2013

January 20, 2013


I find myself on a rooftop/observation deck as a part of an assignment: attempt to reconcile with the Sheran/Mikos continuum. Attempt to generate unconditional love & acceptance. Make peace with myself and my companion.

We arise into the dream together, nestled into a niche-like corner, huddled against low walls, open to the sky above. My companion appears swarthy, with black hair and dark eyes, his skin pale from lack of sun, and he’s in a black suit & tie with a white shirt. He appears to be asleep or catatonic, unresponsive… He’s short & stocky, and I’m cuddling/holding him as if he were a small child.

I feel sadness that he’s not “present” in his body… It seems he’s been gone for a long time, and we’ve tried this several times, to no avail. I hold him and I brush my lips against his hair. I caress him gently… And I seem to feel a faint response, so I’m encouraged. He’s not at his best right now, in need of some rejuvenation. As I continue to hold & caress him, and notice slight responses, my mind floods with memories, but there’s still a sense that he’s not fully present. It feels like that is enough for now, so I choose to leave the dream. In the dream, I was wearing a cloak, similar to Crow Mother Maiden.

Next I find myself waking along a street, as if in a video game. In the direction I might wish to go, I encounter a steep drop in the road. Like a cliff, 50 feet or so. I almost teeter over it, reeling back in alarm. I feel a nudge that I should jump/slide down it – I will not fall. There is a slight slope to it… It’s surface looks like asphalt, quite rough, gray with a few pale yellow stones mixed in.

I step off the edge and lean back, sliding down the steep, almost vertical incline. I’m relieved the rough texture doesn’t scrape my back or tear my clothes.

Once I’m at the bottom, I see a guide/escort, waiting for me. Female, medium height, long white/blonde hair. She turns her back to me and begins to walk away. She shows me telepathically that I need to catch up with her and stop dawdling, hesitating. There’s much to do and I need to focus. I frown, because I know her and think she’s being unreasonable. However, I begin to follow her and she leads me to the outskirts of Telos. The dream fades.


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