Dream 21 January 2013

January 21, 2013

I had a dream this morning in which I met a dear friend who often travels astrally. I emailed this description to her, and she said that it sounds much like a place she knows well.

It was like a hillside neighborhood, very steep, with individual houses. It was in the same general area where I saw this same friend in a previous dream, on a bridge in her car, except that at this location there had been building/development (and more was going on).

It felt like many dream-places I’ve visited, that I suspect are Inner Earth, because there is a feeling of darkness, as if there is a ceiling above, or a limit to the sky… It’s usually not UNpleasant for me to be in places like this, but there was something a bit “off” about this time/place.

I was walking through the neighborhood there, going from house to house and looking around. It’s as if there was a walking tour of works of art at various houses. At some point I came upon a group pf several “houses” that were related, and they were quite strange. On the outside they looked like small white frame houses like you’d see in Atlanta, but when you walked inside, there was nothing but all-enveloping black void. It was very strange, and mildly disturbing. These particular houses were hosted by men in masks, and they were dressed in black and white.

That area was fairly flat and level, so I headed over towards where the houses were built on the steep hillside.

I came upon my friend’s house, and was really happy to find her there! It was like a ranch-style house overlooking a deep valley, and it was perched right on the edge of a precipice. This was normal here, though, and didn’t carry any connotation of danger. It was a breath-taking view.

However, we were a little concerned, because someone was clearing the land far below at the bottom of the valley. We could see (and we could visually zoom in on, or visit more closely) it in great detail: All the trees had been cleared and there was just raw earth where machines had cut and graded. There didn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to what they were doing, and there were no people or machines there at the time – just the turned-up earth.

The soil along the mountainside was much like in Pagosa: lots of fine black shale with streaks of gold and orange clay or shale, and some streaks of larger rock. But down below, it looked more like soil you would see in the Southeast US: red, orange, gold, brown grainy clay-like soil, few rocks.

There was also something about a man who was with or visiting my friend, from another planet/system, in which the atmosphere is liquid. He arrived in a vehicle that resembled a red sports car, and it was filled with this medium that he thrives in. He was also able to shape-shift, and if he was in a contained environment, he could transform the “air” into the liquid medium that he could thrive in. It seems like he was wanting to take my friend with him, but I was not sure that she wanted to go, and I was concerned that he might coerce or kidnap her. But since they knew each other, I wasn’t sure if I should interfere. He was attractive in a dangerous sort of way, and had dark hair and eyes. I think he was quite tall and muscular. His mouth was also very strange: he had two sets of lips, one external and one internal. Unless he bared the second pair, he looked rather human, “normal”.

I think that’s the point at which I awoke. Then, when I went back to sleep, I dreamed of going back to this same location.

This time, I didn’t see my friend (that I recall), but I went down into the valley that was being excavated. I had a little white sedan rental car and was trying to drive across the torn-up terrain. The car was doing okay, but once again I realized it was more of an impediment than a useful device. I somehow transformed into a being that was large enough to pick the car up and turn it around, and then I shrunk down again, got back inside, and drove back in the direction from where I’d come.

In this dream I also had an odd sequence of caring for a friend I haven’t seen in many years, a man several years older than me. In the dream he had his adult mind, yet the body of a toddler. I was carrying him around, and he had lost a shoe, and we were discussing it as if he were grown, yet I was explaining the situation to him as if he was a child, such as, “Well, honey, it’s really better if you let me know right away when you lose your shoe, since then we might be able to find it more easily…” Very surreal. I was carrying him around while continuing to go from house to house and visiting or looking for something.

I’m not sure what to make of these. They reflect both experiences I had over the weekend, as well as TV that I watched last night with the friend I’m staying with now.

They do seem to continue the theme of integrating various worlds… However there has been something mildly disturbing in my sleep the past two mornings when I’ve awakened… It’s as if there is something that needs to be done but our hands are tied, so there is a lot of waiting and watching involved. Energy feeling quite dampened until I get up and start moving around.


Dream 20 January 2013

January 20, 2013


I find myself on a rooftop/observation deck as a part of an assignment: attempt to reconcile with the Sheran/Mikos continuum. Attempt to generate unconditional love & acceptance. Make peace with myself and my companion.

We arise into the dream together, nestled into a niche-like corner, huddled against low walls, open to the sky above. My companion appears swarthy, with black hair and dark eyes, his skin pale from lack of sun, and he’s in a black suit & tie with a white shirt. He appears to be asleep or catatonic, unresponsive… He’s short & stocky, and I’m cuddling/holding him as if he were a small child.

I feel sadness that he’s not “present” in his body… It seems he’s been gone for a long time, and we’ve tried this several times, to no avail. I hold him and I brush my lips against his hair. I caress him gently… And I seem to feel a faint response, so I’m encouraged. He’s not at his best right now, in need of some rejuvenation. As I continue to hold & caress him, and notice slight responses, my mind floods with memories, but there’s still a sense that he’s not fully present. It feels like that is enough for now, so I choose to leave the dream. In the dream, I was wearing a cloak, similar to Crow Mother Maiden.

Next I find myself waking along a street, as if in a video game. In the direction I might wish to go, I encounter a steep drop in the road. Like a cliff, 50 feet or so. I almost teeter over it, reeling back in alarm. I feel a nudge that I should jump/slide down it – I will not fall. There is a slight slope to it… It’s surface looks like asphalt, quite rough, gray with a few pale yellow stones mixed in.

I step off the edge and lean back, sliding down the steep, almost vertical incline. I’m relieved the rough texture doesn’t scrape my back or tear my clothes.

Once I’m at the bottom, I see a guide/escort, waiting for me. Female, medium height, long white/blonde hair. She turns her back to me and begins to walk away. She shows me telepathically that I need to catch up with her and stop dawdling, hesitating. There’s much to do and I need to focus. I frown, because I know her and think she’s being unreasonable. However, I begin to follow her and she leads me to the outskirts of Telos. The dream fades.

Dream 19 January 2013

January 19, 2013

I woke up during the night to find myself lying in bed on my back, on top of neatly-made bedcovers. This happened before (that I recall), in late August 2012 in Pagosa. I’m in Atlanta now. I understand that I physically traveled, although I cannot remember the experience of traveling. This gap in time and memory also occurred in a dream I had this morning.

Overnight Ghost Radar words were: [street either organized effect refused important lesson]

In the dream, I’m in a place (which I’m told is a ship/space station, not on or inside a planet) which resembles a Chinese restaurant. I’m told its not a coincidence that I should experience this setting, since two experiences I had last evening bear a connection to “China”: I bought a bracelet with jade beads, and I watched the movie MIB3, which has an early scene set in a Chinese restaurant.

This place feels quite different than the movie, though. It felt more like a large dining room with several tables, where friends, family, crew members might gather to share meals. I was there to eat.

I was primarily with a male friend/companion, and it feels like we had arrived there to take a break and rest after a long mission. We requested some dishes that we love but had not had in a while, and large white rectangular platters of food were brought out and arranged on the tables.

It’s sort of hard to describe the situation energetically: there were other people around, but it seems it was understood that my companion & myself were somehow energetically distinct from the others. I don’t want to say “separated” or “isolated”, because those words carry inaccurate negative connotations… It was somehow understood that we needed both to spend some dedicated time together, and we were not ready to begin engaging with the other visitors and crew members yet. Almost like a quarantine or de-briefing period. But we were able to be around others.

So we began eating, the food was delicious and we were very hungry!

While we were eating, the “time gap” occurred. As I recall, it was simply that at one moment we were sitting together eating and talking, and in the next moment it was as if we had just returned from somewhere else, to find the table cleared and the food gone.

We were still hungry, and remembered the dishes that we had planned to finish (how delicious they were), so we looked around the room to see if perhaps they had just been moved. No, everything that been eaten, and all was being cleared…

At this point, it seems my companion was summoned to go somewhere else to a meeting. I went into an adjacent room, where I found many old friends and family gathered. It had been some time since we had seen one another, so we had a lot of catching up to do! We were sitting on cushions on the floor, in niches and small rooms, chatting about how much children had grown and what everyone was doing now that so much had changed.

It was a nice meeting, yet it seems that I was specifically trying to learn about a particular niece of mine, and no one had heard from her for a while.

I was also alert for noticing when my companion might return. I understand that this male companion was/is an alternate manifestation of a friend here on earth, who is also a manifestation of a dear partner in Inner Earth. It seems we do a lot of work together, in various aspects.

He soon returned in the dream, and we went back to the dining room to check once again and see if we could find some of that wonderful “seafood” dish… We were told someone would bring us some more… The dream faded.