Dream – 6 July 2012

July 28, 2012

Lately I have been dreaming in the company of two crystal spheres (and indigo gabbro and a blue-green flourite), and a wand made of rosewood and clear quartz (this one tends to balance and ground my meditations and dreams)… This morning I awoke to find that in my sleep, I had cleared everything off the bed!

It felt as if there had been some sort of struggle, or competing energy during the night, in my sleep, and the dream was elusive… I had been reading about conflict in dreams that others were having… And as I read these, I was feeling that these resolutions and energetic negotiations seem to be something the smaller ships will facilitate with us… As if the larger ships delegate these issues to be handled on a more personal level.

A few things I think I remember about the dream from last night… It was quite subtle…

There was something about a sphere [bubble]… Dimensions, including the 5th [letter]… There is some sort of battle, conflict, dispute, perhaps [which] over this world/sphere/bubble that has lights in it… It might be a ship… Its not one that we have seen images of before. It makes sense that it could appear this way, made of translucent material… It’s as if you were to take a spherical ship that we might imagine being built of solid material, with corridors, decks, viewing platforms, etc… They are made of a translucent, glass-like material; they are illusory, yet hold form…

The “dispute” has to do with appearances and maintaining “purity”… There’s a male figure talking with me… It seems there is one who involved in the “dispute with me, and then there is one on a higher level/dimension, who is somehow advising me about record-keeping…




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