Vision 8 May 2012

May 28, 2012

Hi, Dear Tauno!
Well, an hour before you wrote this, I was in a busy meeting, so I didn’t notice anything… But I keep OcaTAwa carefully wrapped in my handbag, so she was at least nearby…
However, I just sat with jer for a few moments, and “saw” a rapid succession of shapes & transitions… Let’s see…
First I saw a butterfly shape of light, that lighter in the ground and transformed into a sort of “X” made of thin tapered wing-shapes… Then from the center of the X, I felt and saw a shaft of light going from my heart chakra up into the sky, and within that shaft I could see a chevron pattern like OcaTAwa has, in purples and grays and whites… I could feel powerful energy circulating between my heart chakra and the shaft…
Then, very quickly one after the other, the shape at the base of shaft became one of the salt cystal Merkabas, like on Lisa’s page…. It spun around, and a rainbow like the one I saw yesterday arced over it, then in a flash it all faded.
Next I saw a glade in a forest, and a close-up view of three gray-silver trees (I could only see the trunks – more shafts), situated to form an isosceles triangle… The Merkaba appeared again in the center of the triangle, floating just above the ivy that filled it… Then it turned into a low dome of energy… Above the dome appeared a horizontal gold diamond shape (4 points & sides, like a squished square), with an orb of gray light hovering over it. The diamond transformed into the X again, but this time the X was there-dimensional: try to imagine a spider, but with only four legs and no body…the orb began to glow gold, and the shaft of light reappeared, from the orb up to the sky…

Wow it all happened so fast: in about 2-3 minutes… I hope I got it all in the right order!

So we’ll see if any of that appears elsewhere today!
Love & light and brilliant sun to you and Bulgaria today!


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