DREAM 26 April 2012

April 29, 2012

DREAM ~ 26 APRIL 2012

Dream: Many fragments in sequence: sewing cut jeans… taking a bike ride to Telos… Aunt Kate’s back yard and fig tree, flower garden…

Finally, I’m sitting in full lecture or meeting in a space like an auditorium. An acquaintance comes into the hall and wants to sit beside me. He squeezes in between myself and another person, and produces his tumbled stone collection. He somehow manifests a small table with stones the stones upon it, and shows me a quite large rectangular iridescent, glowing rock that was like nothing I’d ever seen.

He hands me the stone to examine… I can barely hold it in my hand, and it’s a mass with a formation much like a mass of Fluorite (tiny boxes stacked and aligned with each other), but it’s surface coloring is more like Azurite, but with a rainbow of colors laid over the primarily dark blue, powdery-looking background. I understand that it’s a very powerful stone for transformation.

The dream shifts, and I find myself at a small house in a contemporary rural village. I’m sitting on the porch, and I notice a tiny girl on a tricycle in the street. A big white car, driven by a drunken old man almost runs over her… The bumper of the car brushes her hair. No one is around to see this happen but me. I run into the street and carry the little girl to her yard, and knock on the door. Her grandmother answers the door, also drunk and oblivious to what has happened. the baby’s mother comes running and screaming to the front door, yelling at the grandmother that she won’t babysit any more…

The young mother is angry, and knows the police will be there soon to investigate. She wants me to say certain words so that they will not get in trouble for neglecting the child… I grab her wrist, very angry, and scold her that there was one watching the baby…

I return to my house, and walk into the carport where a male friend is sitting. I join him under the carport, helping him sort what look like red I Ching yarrow stalks. He agrees with my view of what happened, but with our peaceful quiet way together, there is no need for many words…

The dream shifts again, and I’m with my father back at Aunt Kate’s picnic table sorting through things. He turns to me and says, “Thank you for loving me”.


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