DREAM 1 April 2012

April 29, 2012

DREAM ~ 1 APRIL 2012

I’m in a place with Babajij, although we are both in different bodies. We are quite young, and his hair is quite short and his face more narrow than now…

He’s teaching me to climb walls. We’re climbing out of something that I can’t really see clearly, but I understand that it us a compartment or room, small & tight, like a crib or a coffin or a rejuvenation chamber… Teo’Na and Umbro are telling me that it’s Tulya, in her compact “golden clog” form.

(Teo’Na Wants me to share here, that they – the Tulya crew – refer to themselves as “Luminu”…)

Anyway, Babajij and I climb out, and begin scaling/climbing a wall. it’s very tall, I cannot see the top, and it’s made out of what looks like concrete block that’s been painted a very wonderful lilac-periwinkle color. It’s very opaque, but not very dense… Like pumice. It’s an artificial wall, not a natural cliff.

At first, it’s very easy to scale, with many footholds and notches. It’s also very long, stretching as far as I can see. We climb up probably a hundred feet or so, and at that point we’re at the top of the wall for the most part. But there’s nothing on the other side, just space. Where we are standing, there’s another part of the wall, that continues up. Our goal is, not to get to what’s on the other side, but to continue climbing. This part of the wall is narrower, and it’s also smoother. So the only way to climb it seems to be with magic!

No problem for Babajij… He climbs up ahead, gets to a notch, and reaches down to give me a hand up, smiling and encouraging. As I take his hand and start climbing again, I drop or knock an object off of the wall… I think it’s a phone or camera that belongs to one of us. I’m concerned, as I watch it tumble down, but he smiles and says, “We don’t need that anymore”. We continue climbing. It’s not impossible to do, you just have to keep going. I still cannot see the top, but that’s our destination. Then that part of the dream fades.


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